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ZOOM Cloud Meetings Mod Apk Download V5.12.6

ZOOM Cloud Meetings Mod Apk Download V5.12.6
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ZOOM Cloud Meetings Mod Apk Download V5.12.6

As a technology service provider dedicated to providing users with mobile and cloud-based video collaboration experience, ZOOM seamlessly integrates mobile collaboration system, multi-party cloud video interaction system, and online conference system to create a convenient and easy-to-use solution for users. One-stop interactive video technology service platform.

Not only can ZOOM provide you with the best video and audio interaction effects and an unparalleled real-time screen sharing experience, but it can also span the four operating system platforms of WINDOWS, MAC, IOS, and ANDROID. At the same time, in order to be compatible with traditional video conferencing systems, ZOOM also provides Access to H323/SIP protocol conference equipment.

ZOOM will provide you with a completely BYOD-style unified communication technology solution.

Zoom is an internationally renowned cloud video conferencing company. We unify mobile-based collaboration, cloud-based video conferencing, and web conferencing into one simple, easy-to-use application. Start or participate in a high-definition, face-to-face cloud video conference with high-quality screen sharing now! No matter when you are, anywhere, on any device.

Zoom is the winner of the 2013 Influencer’s Award in the United States and the winner of the Community Choice for Best App. It’s extremely easy to use, download and install for free, then click “Start a Meeting” and you’ll be able to invite 25 or even up to 100 people to a meeting!

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Software function

1. Screen sharing

The most intuitive way of data sharing, desktop content, documents, programs, movies and even every action of clicking the mouse can be shared with all remote participants in real time.

2. Multi-party annotation

The most interactive, multi-person real-time annotation function. Whether it is multi-person graffiti on the electronic whiteboard, or files and programs shared through the screen, they can be marked and modified by many people at the same time, simple and direct.

3. Multi-person recording

The most valuable multi-person conference recording permission, regardless of video, audio, and data, will be recorded as MP4 content for easy playback, and can also be recorded in the cloud for easy publishing.

4. Questionnaire

The most direct floating questionnaire function, which can share the results to everyone in the meeting at the fastest speed.

5. Other functions

Text chat function, temporary isolation of sensitive topics, meeting scheduling function, raising hand to ask questions, lock screen sharing, mute all, etc.

Software Features

1. Everything is what the customer thinks, which is more convenient and simple to use

Using zoom video conference does not require any configuration, and you can join the conference without an account. You only need to click the invite link or enter the conference ID, and you can join the conference within 1~2 seconds.

During the meeting, the host can easily control the meeting, including video display/off, sound on/off, data sharing present/off, callout allow/disable.

2. High definition, high fidelity, high smoothness, high quality

The audio quality of zoom video conferencing is far ahead among similar products. In the case of high network bandwidth, it transmits high-definition video and high-fidelity audio; in the case of low network bandwidth, it transmits audio first and adapts to reduce video quality.

You can use zoom to hold a high-definition video interactive conference for 100 people, and you can also hold a video conference (Video Webinar) for 3,000 people. The conference is smooth and uninterrupted!

Using its own core patented technology, it dynamically adjusts the video communication flow according to the network conditions and the client’s hardware processing capability, providing users with natural and smooth face-to-face communication; even when the network packet loss rate reaches 20%, it still maintains high-quality video , no pause screen, no mosaic.

3. Many functions are original for zoom, professional focus

zoom video conferencing supports all smart devices, including: PCs, Macs, smartphones, tablets and TV boxes; it can also interconnect and communicate with traditional video conferencing systems!

The zoom video conference fully considers the need for remote collaboration, and can share high-definition video and high-fidelity audio to the fullest; multiple people can jointly mark when data is shared. In addition, the dual-stream and dual-screen technology is adopted, so that the video and data can be displayed separately without switching, and various scenarios are clear at a glance.

Zoom fully considers the convenience of mobile platforms, and can instantly share photos and documents on mobile devices. In addition, through the data sharing function, share the iPhone/iPad screen.

4. Inexpensive means an innovation

Compared with traditional hardware video conferences, the cost of zoom video conferences may be less than 1/10. No need to buy expensive MCU, no need to rent a dedicated line, no need for professional IT personnel to maintain.

Compared with other online meeting and online video conferencing products, the usage fee of zoom video conferencing may be about 1/5~1/3. If you choose a cloud conference with 25 people, the monthly usage fee is only 580 yuan, and only 5800 yuan per year.

zoom can easily interconnect with traditional video conferencing to protect customers’ existing investment, expand and reuse traditional video conferencing systems.

5. Safety is the top priority, representing the trust and entrustment of customers

zoom always gives the highest priority to security, including: account security, meeting security, real-time communication security and server security.

The account password is stored by asymmetric encryption, and the account authentication adopts encrypted communication authentication; the meeting number is a 10-digit random number, which cannot be guessed, and a meeting password can be set for important meetings; 128-bit encrypted channels are used for real-time audio and video communication and data sharing.

The conference server is located in the cloud in China, and the server does not record or forward any conference information to other destinations. You can also deploy your own conference server at the location (internal network) designated by the customer.

General features
-Dutch language support
-Support for RelayState with SSO authentication
Meeting features
-Support for up to 1000 participants in E2EE Meetings
-Pair with Zoom Room and transfer a live meeting
Team Chat features
-Multiple admins for a chat channel
-Support for messages only visible to you
-Virtual background and touch up appearance support for Video Messaging
Phone features
-Chat notifications for missed calls
Resolved Issues
-Security enhancements
-Minor bug fixes
ZOOM Cloud Meetings Mod Apk Download V5.12.6
Download ZOOM Cloud Meetings Mod Apk Download V5.12.6 

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