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Zooba app apk download v4.2.2

Zooba app apk download v4.2.2
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Zooba app apk download v4.2.2

Zooba is a zoo battle royale game with cute characters. You spend time completing the level as you defeat all opponents on the field in a short time. At the same time, it’s perfectly suitable for a lot of different audiences, who are sure to have easy access to the gameplay of this game. A cute zoo with unforgettable events is waiting for you.


Experience the game’s second-anniversary event

This Zooba event is on its second anniversary, and the debut of new elements is definitely not to be missed. You’ll find a new skin for Tropical Yara, a cute bird. In the meantime, the fun doesn’t stop there, as the anniversary map gets some altered elements to celebrate the game’s big event. So, those are really factors that fans of the game can’t ignore.

Take part in an amazing battle royale

Players will be overwhelmed by how fun and cute it is when you activate Zooba. It’s set against the backdrop of a zoo, and you’ll try to be the leader there. Of course, it’s not an easy process, as there are many enemies you’re forced to take down until only one victor remains, similar to other battle royale games. Plus, the gameplay of this game will perfectly suit many different players.

When the game starts, you will be given a character that you think is suitable, with a corresponding description. Once you’re done, you’ll begin to experience your tutorial level by collecting relevant items and defeating the enemies in front of you. You will observe the character from an all-round perspective, and quickly adjust the direction of the weapon to attack the enemy. At the same time, the number of characters participating in the actual game screen is average, because the game rhythm is generally faster.

In the game’s environment, there will be a much-loved element, and that will be the woods. You can go in, be invisible to your opponent, and there will be a circle around you. This circle determines the range you can observe, and opponents who pass through it will appear in front of you and you can attack. At the same time, there will be items that attack wide or ahead, so you can deal damage to enemies suddenly.

Upgrade your character’s power

When you complete certain levels of Zooba, you will receive some characters. These parts help you upgrade them to increase their strength and health to stay in battle longer with the help of support items. At the same time, another interesting point that you can’t ignore is that players will gradually unlock characters in the game. Each character is inspired by animals and has a cute appearance.

These animals have fascinating looks and attached attributes that will take you time to discover. At the same time, after owning the character, you will continue to unlock the potential of the character to improve the journey of winning. Each character has exciting traits that you can easily see in battle, as well as impressive outfits that you can collect.

Main features

Choose from over 20 fun characters, from sly Nix the fox to suspicious Pepper the giraffe, with new characters being introduced regularly. Improve your character and stuff.
Compete with up to 45 others in a variety of play styles
Level up and get incredible free gifts.
Climb the leaderboards, do fun quests, collect fantastic prizes, and rise to the top of the food chain season by season.
In the multiplayer game genre, you can invite your friends to play with you. The higher the number, the better!
Upgrade your character, unlock dozens of gear to suit your playstyle, and wow and impress your opponents with dozens of unique skins and hundreds of unique emotes. It’s time to play!
Play with over 20 fun and diverse characters, each with its own strengths, weaknesses, and special abilities.

Hey Zoobsters!

Update your game now to experience our newest game mode, our recent new map, and so many more exciting things at the Zoo! We also fixed some pesky bugs!

See you at the Zoo!
Zooba app apk download v4.2.2
Download Zooba app apk download v4.2.2 

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