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Zombie Towers app apk download v13.0.63

Zombie Towers app apk download v13.0.63
  • Updated
  • Version 13.0.63
  • Requirements Android 5.1
  • Developer Edenap
  • Genre Casual
  • Google Play
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Zombie Towers app apk download v13.0.63

If you want to try a unique adventure or strategy game, then Zombie Towers is for you. When you come to this game, you will perform one of the most critical tasks – to protect your buildings and towers from the invasion of zombies. Your army will be the only remaining human species on this planet. If you don’t want it to perish, you must develop a strategy to best protect the castle. You have the power to upgrade and combine buildings to create greater power.

Zombie Towers

Control the human army and protect the territory

Coming to Zombie Tower, you will immediately go on a survival adventure and have the opportunity to participate in tough battles. In this game, you will be the leader, command the remaining human army, and carry out the tasks assigned to you. The most critical challenge you need to overcome is to protect your territory with the best army, not to let the enemies or zombies dare to invade one step.

Come up with a strategy to defend against the strongest enemy

Coming to this tower defense survival game, first you may need superb intelligence. Enemies are always trying to target your towers, bite the soldiers in the army and turn everyone into zombies like them. That’s why you need to be prepared and come up with various strategies to fight and back up. Act strategically to fend off enemy attacks in the best possible way.

Battle hordes of zombies

Lead your army and act strategically to achieve the best results. The leader of the human army and his brave warriors participated in many fierce battles in the zombie tower to protect the territory. Meanwhile, fight against the invasion of waves of evil zombies. Players noticed that zombies often attacked in waves, often coming in different groups. So you can rest and recover after an inevitable war.

Upgrade buildings to increase strength

When participating in this game, you can improve and develop the strength of your army in many ways. But probably the best method and the one applied by many players is to merge towers, houses or castles of the same type together to increase the strength. With the clearing in your military district, you can build more new towers and start deploying troops to protect them. Until your tower is strong in every way, having no soldiers protecting it is the best form of defense.

Improve your arsenal with advanced military equipment

Not just towers, players will also need to upgrade the strength of their arsenal if you want to defeat every wave of zombies in a zombie tower. As we all know, players will have the most advanced weapons commonly used by the army, equipped with a variety of different equipment. It is mainly a gun with a wide range of uses and extraordinary combat capabilities. Find ways to develop and improve the abilities of the weapons you have.

Unlock boosters with high precision

You will easily engage in battles thanks to a clean and user-friendly interface for all players. Be a smart and brave leader while participating in this contest. On a mission to be the only human species not to be destroyed. In order to gain unique powers to defeat zombies, you definitely need the support of boosters. Every time you win, you will receive items that unlock more different powers.

Collect gems to upgrade or buy the best weapons

In battle, take part in defeating zombies in the zombie tower. Players will have many opportunities to develop their abilities as well as the stamina of their troops. In addition to the free rewards that you unlock or power up in this game, you can also collect many different gems and use them to develop immediate power or upgrade your frequently used advanced weapons.

The most dangerous adventure to survive and protect life, control the human army to perform missions.
Come up with the best strategy to join the battle against the savage attacks of invading zombie waves.
Merge buildings or towers to strengthen and improve your army’s defenses.
Improve your arsenal by upgrading it, using gems collected in-game, and applying for the job.
Win tough battles for a chance to unlock more power-ups like EMP…

Bug fixes
Zombie Towers app apk download v13.0.63
Download Zombie Towers app apk download v13.0.63 
Menu/Damage multiplier/God mode/Unlimited money
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