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YourHour app apk download latest version v2.1.9

YourHour app apk download latest version v2.1.9
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YourHour app apk download latest version v2.1.9

YourHour app can be used to help users get rid of their bad habits, mainly to help people solve the problem of dependence on mobile phones, develop personalized solutions according to each person’s situation, and tailor your abstinence plan. It is very reliable and practical, and you can download it to try it if you need it.

About YourHour:

Because of the cure for telephone addiction, millions of users around the world have trusted it.

The best customized and planned solutions can awaken your self-addiction.

It supports 8 global languages, including English, French, Italian, Spanish, etc., and more are coming soon.

Get personalized challenge suggestions tailored to defeat your smartphone addiction.

Sometimes, do you feel more and more addicted to smartphones and unable to maintain your focus? You wake up with your phone beside you, and then fall asleep beside you. Maybe your mobile phone is always your partner. But will this telephone addiction affect your personal and professional life recently? Are there any applications that affect your productivity and make you feel out of control?

Then, we have an intelligent digital solution that can help you achieve digital health.

Your Hour application provides you with many interesting and user-friendly functions, which can help you track and control your mobile phone usage, as well as understand your mobile phone addiction category!

YourHour function:

Ash Dashboard: You lead to today’s gate!

YourHour’s dashboard can provide you with all the basic information you need to know in one place. The application tracks your “usage time” and “unlock count”, providing a relative infographic view of your activities today and the past 7 days. In addition, Mr. Slow is waiting for you on this board!

Goal: Know your addiction level!

Using the phone usage data of the past 7 days, the YourHour application defines your current categories of phone addicts from six categories: addiction, obsession, dependence, habit, achievement, achiever, and advocate.

YourHour features:

1. Support to play mobile phone data statistics

2. Health risk assessment, playing mobile phone assessment every day

3. Record your experience and mood of quitting mobile phones


YourHour currently has more than 2 million users and has proven useful in selectively reducing phone talk time. The application supports 19 global languages, such as English, German, Spanish, and French… wherever you are, you can use it.

Talk about YourHour in a short sentence. YourHour is an intelligent digital solution for the detoxification of intelligent digital devices. A good way to make phone use more moderate and orderly. Are you ready to detoxify your smartphone?

Hola! We are back with the Updates!

To Deliver the Best 'YourHour Experience' to you, Here is the new update to increase the app performance and fixed some annoying bugs reported over the last updates.
YourHour app apk download latest version v2.1.9
Download YourHour app apk download latest version v2.1.9 

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