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Word Office app download Android mobile version

Word Office app download Android mobile version
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Word Office app download Android mobile version

Word Office app is a leading office application that allows you to read Internet documents, open files on Android and read pdf files at a very fast speed.

Word Office app

Word Office app is a popular software for creating or reading documents. Become an indispensable office tool. It helps to draft contracts, reports, letters, and research papers. It integrates valuable functions such as images, colors, and charts to make documents vivid and professional. You can also use cloud computing technology to share documents with others. In addition, Word has embedded other software, such as Excel and Ppt, which can edit documents on multiple applications. With an easy-to-use interface and functionality, users can quickly edit documents in professional formats. In addition, it is easy to save documents for management.

Change the color of the screen theme

You can change the screen mode by going to the menu options and scrolling to the account area of the Word Office app. The drop-down list of office themes includes dark gray, black, white, and color. If the dark option is applied, the screen changes to dark mode. You can then view the actual page on a black screen.

Change the document to a page on the site

Word Office app just clicks on the File menu; The user enters the conversion option and selects it. This page will be automatically applied to your current document page. When you look at the right-hand column, there are various types of modes. You click on any of the options at the bottom and view the resulting fantastic animated web pages.

Post comments in a text editor

On the toolbar of the Word Office app, you select the Review tab. A dialog box will now appear on the right for you to write comments. It shows the time and who wrote the comments. In addition, you can directly mention the people who receive these comments. These comments will be organized into a list and saved automatically. In addition, there are other functions in the three-point menu, such as editing comments, deleting topics, and solving topics.

Read the required text aloud

Users can bold the text they want to hear, and then select the Comments tab on the toolbar. Now, you can hear the local ancient voice talking about the text loudly. In addition, you can use new neural text to speak voice quickly or slowly. There are three controls to adjust the sound: stop, play forward, or playback. In particular, the voice can be female or male.

Word Office app is a super convenient document manager. It allows you to perform many functions related to documentation. Users can use plain text or various spreadsheet images. In addition to traditional text formats, users can also change other modern text formats. It supports users with many special utilities. Even if the computer is not connected to the Internet, they can view important documents. It helps you use this software to create documents from your browser, edit files, and share documents with others. In addition, it supports users, especially in editing, reading, and viewing. They are available to document viewers in many different formats.

Word Office app features:

It only takes a few seconds to convert a Word document to Excel or PowerPoint with one click

It can be recognized by reading voice-aloud and various setting options

Available in light, dark, or color screen modes

Turn document pages into animated pages

You can write comments in a direct and modern way

Find dictation in all paragraphs to improve punctuation and speaking

Quickly create catalog and ruler bars

Word Office app download Android mobile version
Download Word Office app download Android mobile version 

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