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Women Workout Female Fitness APK Download v7.48

Women Workout Female Fitness APK Download v7.48
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Women Workout Female Fitness APK Download v7.48

The best female weight loss application allows you to burn fat and lose weight at home! With a simple and effective fat-burning exercise specially designed for women, you can easily thin your abdomen and lose fat on your thighs and arms. Follow a 30-day training program and lose weight and keep fit in just a few minutes each day!

Move now! Be ready to be a better person!

This female fitness app can help you lose fat quickly and keep fit! It only takes 7 minutes every day to get the perfect bikini figure!

Women’s fitness applications can help you burn abdominal fat, tighten hips, thin legs, and waist, and create a charming figure. Start exercising at home now and feel the burning of fat! Stick to fitness and become a better person!

Come on and start your fitness journey. Burn calories and lose belly fat. A sexy figure is just around the corner!

Why choose a female fitness application?

√ Short and effective exercise, efficient fat burning

√ Scientifically proven to help lose weight and improve physical fitness

√ Self-weight exercise without equipment

√ For each part of the body

√ Animation and video guidance, as a personal fitness instructor, are professional and efficient

√ No locking function

√ Beginners can also use it easily

√ Full body exercise, female abdominal muscle exercise, hip exercise, leg exercise, weight loss exercise, and fat reduction exercise can be carried out at home

√ Weight loss and fitness application specially designed for women

√ All training is equipped with coach tips to help you regulate your exercise posture

√ Warm-up and stretching

√ Record weight loss progress

√ Record the heat consumed

√ Suitable for beginners and professionals

√ A personal fitness trainer helps you achieve your weight loss goal

√ Synchronize data with Google Fit

Being short and effective is one of the greatest advantages of our fitness application, which can stand out from hundreds of female fitness applications. Come and use this fitness app specially designed for women, and become a better person immediately!

Functions of female fitness app:

2-7 minutes of fast exercise and HIIT exercise enable you to start exercising anytime and anywhere, lose weight easily, and keep healthy.

You can track calories burned and weight loss progress in the chart. No gym or equipment is required. Just use the weight of your body to strengthen the whole body and get firm muscle.

4 difficulty levels

All exercises are designed by professional fitness coaches and have 4 difficulty levels, suitable for everyone, including beginners and professionals. It’s easy to stick to your training program by doing different fat-burning exercises every day.

Women’s fast exercise

Fast exercise lasts 2-7 minutes, designed for people with busy schedules. You can exercise at any time in the office, in bed, at home, and other places.

Focus on the part

Fat-reducing exercise covers every body part that women care about, such as the abdomen, thigh, arm, and hip. Focus on the parts you worry about, train specifically and burn fat to the maximum extent, to achieve twice the result with half the effort.

Women’s HIIT exercise

HIIT (high-intensity interval training) is a super effective fat-burning exercise with an after-burning effect. This kind of exercise has been condensed to 2-7 minutes to help you lose weight anytime, anywhere.

Exercise at home

Daily exercise includes all major muscle groups to help your body shape. No gym or expensive fitness instructor is required. You can burn fat and build a good figure by simply exercising at home!

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Women Workout Female Fitness APK Download v7.48
Download Women Workout Female Fitness APK Download v7.48 

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