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WeTV Apk Download Latest Version V5.5.5.9

WeTV Apk Download Latest Version V5.5.5.9
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WeTV Apk Download Latest Version V5.5.5.9

Tencent wet video app is a video software launched in the Google market for overseas users, there is no difference with the domestic version of Tencent video in terms of resources, but this version can choose Chinese, no top-up VIP, and no advertising, you can select the highest definition mode to watch, also very suitable for domestic users Oh, interested friends hurry to download it!

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Introduction of wet Android version

Tencent for overseas regions launched the film and television video APP, it is more streamlined, and watch the video in addition to a variety of ads, so that you can watch any film and television drama to enjoy a pure viewing experience, in other features and the ordinary version of the little difference, the content covers 2265 the latest and hottest movies, TV series (including American and British drama), variety, animation, news, sports, entertainment, a large number of popular If you want an ad-free Tencent video, then come to this site to download this version!

Tencent wet official software features

Documentary: It’s Bread It’s Air It’s a Miracle, Planet, Seven Years of Life – 63…

Music: Chorus it! 300, Wang Yajun music sharing session Shanghai station…

TV series collection: Take your father to study abroad, Angry Sea Diving Sand, My True Friend, Secret Love of Orange…

Variety: Camp Create, We Are Real Friends, Can’t Forget Restaurant, Let’s Run 5, Ultimate Challenge 5…

Movie library: What a Home, Double Life, A Long Time Coming, Anti-Corruption Storm 4, Mirage…

American drama series: X-Men Season 2, Riverdale Season 2, Game of Thrones 8, Westworld…

Synchronized Thai dramas: Thailand’s version of Rush Hour, Starry Night, Fate is Not Doomed, The Devil’s Debtors…

Hot national comic: the skyline nine songs, the duo break the dome, the douluo continent…

App highlights

1. Category selection: Movies, TV series, and variety shows are categorized into different pages. We facilitate you to find a specific category you want to explore more.

2. Screen controls: You can swipe your finger up and down the screen to adjust the amount and brightness and swipe left and right to skip videos forward or backward.

3、Subtitles: We provide multiple languages and subtitles to choose from. You can also switch the language according to your preference.

4、Video definition adjustment: You can choose different image quality according to your needs. When you watch with cellular data, you can choose 360p to save your data. You can also enjoy the Blu-ray image quality (Full HD) to upgrade the viewing experience.

5. Continue watching: We help you remember the last time you left and pick up directly from there.

Update log

1. WeTV’s original variety show, WBL group show “microwave boy’s vacation” with you, feel the temperature of microwave boy together.

2. “There is a female disciple in the State Prison” is broadcasted exclusively on the whole network, with Zhao Lusi Xu Kai-hire open joyful life in the State Prison!

3. “You are my glory” Yang Yang X Dili Hotba, this summer to witness a starry ideal and love.

4. endless good dramas “Zhou Sheng Ru Shi”, “One Life to Live”, “Song with the gentleman”, and “Beautiful when you smile” are on WeTV.

5. popular variety shows “Dewan Dou Xiaoshe Season 2”, “Director Please Guide”, and “Heartwarming Offer Season 3”.

6. “The Lady of Dendrobium” will be broadcast exclusively on November 10, with Yang Mi Chen Wei Ting’s fatal entanglement in a beautiful love affair.

1. Exclusive variety show is terrific, “Goose Outside Surprise” invites you to buy happily!

2. The development of the little brother and sister worked overtime to solve some experience problems for you.

3. good drama constantly, “skyscraper”, “and listen to the phoenix”, “female son”, “crossfire” and so on invites you to enjoy, not to lose good time ~

WeTV Apk Download Latest Version V5.5.5.9
Download WeTV Apk Download Latest Version V5.5.5.9 

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