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WeNote Notepad app download v4.64

WeNote Notepad app download v4.64
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WeNote Notepad app download v4.64

WeNote Notepad app is a handy life notebook. Users can record their future schedule plans here, set reminders online, and customize colors, backgrounds, etc. It is very convenient and fast. It can remind you in time even when there is no network. It also unlocks advanced functions for you to use at will. Welcome to download them if you need them.

WeNote Notepad function introduction:

  • ● Color: an unlimited number of colors for notes, lists, labels
  • ● Theme: 6 beautiful color themes. Cotton, lavender, lemon, strawberry, sky blue, avocado
  • ● Recording: unlimited number of recordings
  • ● Note list: note list widget. View all notes and upcoming reminders directly on the home screen
  • ● Paste icon: 6 icon packages are used for note pasting. Office, shopping, home, medical care, transportation, time
  • ● Multi synchronization: automatic synchronization to multiple devices with the same account
  • ● Undo and redo: during the process of entering notes, perform undo and redo
  • ● Search: search in the diary

WeNote Notepad app features:

  • 1. The color theme and so on all support their own definition, and multiple super beautiful themes and colors can be selected
  • 2. The recording and note list functions have been unlocked, and the calendar widget has also been opened
  • 3. The paste icon is unlocked, and 6 icons can be used for note pasting


WeNote Notepad app is a powerful and simple mobile note taking software. Users can quickly create colored notes and their daily to-do list through WeNote Notepad app. The software will have reminders and calendars. It is also possible to write pen notes, shopping lists, to-do emails and messages through WeNote Notepad app. You can also sort them by color or letter.

Improve app stability.
WeNote Notepad app download v4.64
Download WeNote Notepad app download v4.64 

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