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Wattpad Premium Mod Apk Download V9.87.1

Wattpad Premium Mod Apk Download V9.87.1
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Wattpad Premium Mod Apk Download V9.87.1

Wattpad is an application that has a wide variety of storybooks and books of any kind to serve its users. Users don’t need to spend money on their favorite books; but instead, they just need to download the app and get the books right away. The app will help users save quite a lot of money when they have to buy various books and stories; they just need to open their phone and go to the app; they can read it anytime they want. It is really a handy app for busy users who don’t have time to read.

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Software Features

Users can create their own stories

Users can read various comics and books for free and write stories that they find interesting to post on the app. This feature is really good for users who love both writing and life. More specifically, if a user writes a story that is highly appreciated and read, they will receive a well-deserved royalty.

Read books in multiple languages

Assuming the user wants to improve their vocabulary in a specific language, Wattpad certainly does. In this case, reading and writing stories will help, as users will be able to choose their native language or another language they want to explore. In addition, there are many types of books in the application, such as novels, comedies or adventures.

Software Highlights

Ability to create your own library

The application also allows users to create their own free library, add their favorite books to international friends or share their stories. In addition, users can comment on other readers’ articles in order to add more energy to their writing path. Users should note that they should sync their accounts so that they can easily read books on their phones or laptops.


Wattpad has just been updated with the Wattpadder mute feature. This means that users will not be able to see any comments on their posts. Perhaps users don’t know that extremely good blockbusters like Light as a Feather were first discovered on Wattpad. So, get involved in writing the stories you come up with. Maybe you’ll be the author of a masterpiece in the future.

Software Features

1. approachable features and an intuitive user interface, you can immediately find yourself enjoying its exciting mobile application.

2、Utilizing in-app features, you are free to explore the many options available to quickly find stories, documentaries, books, articles, research and other text documents.

3. You can try to become a content creator by presenting your creative work to others. Simply prepare your account and you’ll be ready to enjoy the exciting writer mode in Wattpad.

Latest Updates

9.54 Update

We’ve updated the search function so you can find your favorite content more easily. After entering a search term, click the new “filter” icon on the results screen to narrow your search by story length, completion status, update recency, and tags.

9.53 Update

You remember the moment – the kiss you’ve been hoping for, the triumph of the protagonist, or the downfall of a terrible enemy. Now you can use Reactions on Android to put your personalized approval stamp on your favorite part of the story!

What's new in 9.86.0:
Introducing new ways to stay in your favorite stories!
✔ Exclusive Chapters: From satisfying sequels to stirring plot extensions, there’s always a more, a next, and a new from your favorite stories.
✔ Story Branches: Hop onto one of many Story Branches to explore new subplots, side-character narratives, or entirely alternate realities.
✔ Writer Reveals: Discover story secrets and creative paths explored by writers.
Wattpad Premium Mod Apk Download V9.87.1
Download Wattpad Premium Mod Apk Download V9.87.1 

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