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Warface go fps shooting game mod apk v3.6.1

Warface go fps shooting game mod apk v3.6.1
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Warface go fps shooting game mod apk v3.6.1

Warface GO game is a gunfight shooting PVP game. Players will enjoy various combat modes and visual effects under amazing graphics in this PVP competitive game. In the game, players can form their own teams, so that they can create teams to compete with their opponents.

Warface GO Game Features:

  • 1. 7 dynamic PvP battle play maps give players more challenges;
  • 2. More than 200 kinds of customizable weapons are used to deal with many battles;
  • 3. PVE missions and cooperation raids to cooperate with their partners.

Warface GO game experience:

1. After playing for a few days, I felt that the map was very small and my teammates could not communicate with each other. The picture was OK and the feel was average;

2. The most important thing is the difference between krypton gold and non krypton gold. At first glance, krypton gold weapons have their own advantages and disadvantages, but the combat power of krypton gold will be higher than you, up to 50%;

3. Then there is armor. If you go to fight Krypton Gold, you may not break your armor for a long time, but you will be killed twice later.

Warface GO Game Comments:

  • 1. There are few means to fight Krypton King. It takes several sniper shots to kill people;
  • 2. The only thing that can be countered is melee, but melee is also very difficult to approach. Early upgrade is also slow, and acquisition of weapons is very limited;
  • 3. With the matching mechanism, is it reasonable for me to match 50, 60 combat power to 800 combat power?

Warface GO game experience:

1. It is not a problem that there are few maps, but each map is very small, and we often meet after resurrection;

2. Automatic shooting is delayed by 0. With the warning of the enemy’s position in the upper left corner, you can be invincible with a weapon or sniper gun that is suitable for close range;

3. The resurrection point is too random, probably because the map is small, and the occupation mode is often on the opposite point when resurrection occurs. I have been attacked in this way for many times.

• Ratings: track your position in the leaderboards, monitor your opponents' performance and make it to the top of the list.
• Marks: customize your profile with a bright icon to stand out among other users and make your opponents remember you.
• Join matches faster with the tutorial and interfaces changes.
• Improved performance and bugfixes.
Warface go fps shooting game mod apk v3.6.1
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