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Wa whatsapp apk download latest version

Wa whatsapp apk download latest version
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Wa whatsapp apk download latest version

Wa whatsapp APK is a modified application of the original WhatsApp. It still retains its basic functions and has many new functions that are more attractive and flexible.

Wa whatsapp Introduction

WhatsApp’s Mod application has many advantages in customization and security!

Why do you need Wa whatsapp when using WhatsApp?

It is undeniable that WhatsApp, like Viber and WeChat, is still the most popular online messaging application today. However, WhatsApp has many limitations on the number of images, the amount or theme of video transmitted, the level of color customization, and various additional functions that users cannot find when they need them.

What if there is an application that still has the full professional functions of online chat and messaging like WhatsApp, but has a series of additional functions that WhatsApp does not have? If you are considering this, you can immediately download this powerful WhatsApp mod application to use, Wa whatsapp.

What is Wa whatsapp?

Wa whatsapp was modified by Bozkurt Hazzar, a developer in Türkiye, according to the original WhatsApp source code. Aware of some shortcomings of WhatsApp, Bozkurt created this application to provide users with more exciting and effective online messaging and call experience on mobile devices, especially in theme customization and photo sending.

Change the subject of each chat

Wa whatsapp allows users to choose different topics as the background of online conversations. The number is huge, far exceeding the original WhatsApp and other mod applications of WhatsApp. There are more than 3000 topics to choose from. Therefore, manipulating SMS through online applications will become more emotional, exciting and rich. In terms of aesthetics, choosing changeable themes is also a way to affirm your aesthetic taste with friends.

Customize your home screen

Whenever you are not satisfied with your home screen and want to reinvent it, you just need to use Wa whatsapp’s custom home screen function. There are up to 14 different screen layout templates for you to choose, such as WA-AERO, Telegram, WAMOD, WACA, WANH, NL MOD, WMOD, Prime V1, V6F.—

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Special functions:

Wa whatsapp also has many small functions, but it is highly practical. For example, you can use the No Disturbance mode to quickly turn off the Internet or titanium backup function to automatically back up user data, enable or disable proximity sensors, and switch the headset output to speaker output, and vice versa. Depending on your needs, sometimes you will need these useful features.

Higher quality photos and videos:

When you use Wa whatsapp to send text messages and files, you can get higher quality photos and videos than the original WhatsApp. Video can be sent up to 100 MB of clips, and images can be sent with unlimited quality and full resolution.

High security:

Wa whatsapp also cares about security like WhatsApp. Users can set passwords for applications and ask security questions, such as a second firewall.

You can also hide any file information in the device gallery, including private data files, photos, videos, and gif files.

Support users in all cases:

There were many possible questions in the conversation. Wa whatsapp seems to be a messaging application that knows this very well. It turns out that developers bring a wide range of capabilities to support users in many cases. For example, you can turn off message forwarding, set anti deletion for status and messages, automatically reply to pre written or customized content, or schedule messages at a timely and optional time.

More customization:

In addition to changing the theme and home screen, Wa whatsapp also allows users to adjust font styles, colors, and font sizes. You can choose from hundreds of emoticons available in the application library. If necessary, you can even add Facebook emoticons to your chat.

Fast transmission without advertisement:

Wa whatsapp connects to the server quickly and uninterruptedly, ensuring that users can make full use of the functions of the application at the fastest and most stable connection at any time, anywhere, and minimize the risk of infection or virus infection.

Wa whatsapp can also be used for free without advertising and root. Always ensure that users will not be interfered by unnecessary agents in the network environment.


In short, Wa whatsapp is an online messaging and call application on mobile phones. You should try and use it for a long time, because in addition to the main functions of typical WhatsApp, it also has many advantages in security and safety. customized.

Critical bug fix + Facebook ad placement fix + Performance improvements
Wa whatsapp apk download latest version
Download Wa whatsapp apk download latest version 

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