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voloco app apk download latest v7.6

voloco app apk download latest v7.6
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voloco app apk download latest v7.6

The voloco app can help users to better modify the sound, can denoise their own voice at any time, can help you quickly process the sound, record music by yourself, preview it at any time, and correct the sound effect by yourself, and supports a lot of rich sound effects , After inputting the voice, it can be converted in a targeted manner, and it supports adjusting the balance effect of the music. You can choose the style you like when creating music, and you can create your own music at any time.

voloco introduction:

voloco Android version app (pitch correction software mobile version) brings you the most professional sound repairing experience, software for correcting pitch, a variety of fine music modification functions to help users better modify all kinds of music, as well as music cutting and Other functions can easily save you who sing out of tune, so that the tone-deaf can also sing beautiful songs.

voloco features:

1. Voloco allows you to record performances in audio or video for easy sharing. Create your own music video selfie!
2. You can cover or sing, record yourself, and export just your vocals for final mixes elsewhere.
3. In the Top Tracks section of the app, check out some of the professional-quality tracks that users have made with Voloco.
4. With it, you can choose a beat from the beat library to rap or sing.

voloco advantages:

Encode by Scale–Choose notes and scales and record your voice–Get recorded with different background music for your singing according to the scale you choose–Record your voice with different background beats Equalizers and effects- – Adjust your recorded piano keyboard with various sound controls – Highlight scales and notes on the keyboard – Add piano melodies or accompany your songs

voloco highlights:

Starter: Effects you know and love. p-ain: extreme pitch correction plus seventh chord. Perfect rnb and rap. Bon Schiffer: The style of the song “Woods” by Lulu and Vin Iver. 8-bit chips: Dift Pank like your favorite game from the 80s: Funky vocoder sounds similar to some French electronic duo. Theta Hero: Inspired by Indian classical music.

voloco description:

Simple tuning experience. – Tune each string individually. – Follow the on-screen prompts for each step. – Provides a “play mode” tuning option, which adjusts the string tension purely by “listening”.

"Old Voloco" is back. Quickly capture one-shot recordings with easy editing.
voloco app apk download latest v7.6
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