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Video Live Wallpaper Maker app apk download v3.1

Video Live Wallpaper Maker app apk download v3.1
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Video Live Wallpaper Maker app apk download v3.1

Video Live Wallpaper Maker is a dynamic wallpaper software specially designed for Android users. One click allows you to have a more powerful dynamic wallpaper.

With this software, you can make movie clips into your mobile phone’s dynamic wallpaper, and you can also set various short videos as screensavers, so that you have a more comfortable use experience.

This software is small in size and easy to download, but it has powerful functions and is easy to use. Even Xiaobai can quickly get started, allowing you to make more amazing wallpapers!

Software features:

1. Video desktop upload independently

You can upload your favorite videos and share them with all users, and you can follow your favorite UP owners, pass on what you love and show what you want!

2. Desktop theme intelligent search

Intelligent search for the video desktop, theme or UP host you want, accurate positioning, convenient and fast.

3. HD resource video clipping

HD video intelligent clipping, one click clipping of the video you want, horizontal video to vertical video easy to achieve.

4. Independent Account Personal Center

Personal video desktop center, easy to view and manage all your uploaded video desktops.

Software functions:

1. Themed dynamic wallpaper, the best wallpaper in the whole network, which can be exchanged for massive resources

2. Complete categories and clear classifications, including super hot animation, lovers and beautiful women wallpaper

3. Dynamic lock screen, popular videos, easy setting, one key with various cool wallpapers

4. Regularly updated, with many latest popular wallpapers updated 24 hours a day, keeping up with the trend

Software highlights:

1. Recommend high-quality wallpapers for you in real time, and refresh the recommended popular wallpapers.

2. It supports one click wallpaper application to mobile phones to view the display effect of wallpaper.

3. Search the category of wallpapers to find relevant mobile phone dynamic wallpapers.

4. You can quickly set the mobile phone’s dynamic lock screen, dynamic screensaver, wallpaper, etc.

Software advantages:

1. The wallpapers here will bring you unprecedented visual enjoyment, and all kinds of ultra-high definition wallpapers will make you love them

2. Massive high-definition wallpapers, various popular categories, and your favorite wallpapers such as animation, games, landscapes, and beauties are available here

3. Various 5D high-definition wallpapers with audio enable you to instantly feel its charm. It is very convenient to download and set them as wallpapers with one click

4. It can also be set to turn on the daily wallpaper, which will automatically change different wallpapers every day, so that you can have a good mood every day

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Video Live Wallpaper Maker app apk download v3.1
Download Video Live Wallpaper Maker app apk download v3.1 

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