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Video downloader app download v2.0 Pro Unlocked

Video downloader app download v2.0 Pro Unlocked
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Video downloader app download v2.0 Pro Unlocked

The video downloader app is an application that allows you to download videos and photos from any website. Simple and high-speed without the need for a built-in download function of the web page.

Video downloader app

I wonder if you have noticed that almost all the time you use your mobile phone is online. Most of the content on mobile phones now comes from the Internet, including applications, files, pictures, videos, and documents… However, in some special cases, such as when you go to remote areas, there is no network connection, or even no payment to collect connection fees in time, so the network operator will disconnect. If this is the case, the content on your phone will be limited to the content stored in the device’s memory.

To deal with such situations, it is better to download the content in advance. For applications, text, sound, images,… files, whether small files or seamless blocks, you can easily download them. However, online video is not a simple file format. Because it is too large to download once, it is divided into many small files and downloaded once after each viewing. This means downloading all videos that you need to watch the entire clip at least once. In addition, without the player of this site, the downloaded files cannot be spliced into videos, and you can’t see a little bit of them. Don’t worry, if the website has no download function, the video downloader app will do this for you. Transfer complete video to your device quickly and securely.

Easy to use

Once the application is installed, simply grant it sufficient permissions to start using it immediately. Simply copy the web page path, paste it into the application, and the application will immediately search for available videos on the website and provide them. You have selected the video to download. The video has started downloading. The download speed is very fast. Although it depends on the download format, it is not much slower than your maximum connection speed.

Support multiple formats

The most common video format you will see is MP4 or MOV. Because of their convenience and efficiency, they are the most commonly used formats. You can use this application to download videos in this format. However, the application also supports rarely used video formats or nonvideo files, such as MP3, M4A, M4V, AVI, WMV, DOC, XLS, PDF, etc

Easy to download

Not just one video, you can download many videos at a time. You can view the video download progress on the management screen. Pause the download, download, and resume the failed download… When downloading, you don’t need to look at the application screen, just leave it there and open another application to use it normally. When you use other applications, your download will continue and will not be affected.

Minimal capacity

With such a multi-functional application, there is also a built-in browser for you to browse the web instantly. You would mistake it for a very large size. But no, the file you downloaded is less than 10MB, and even if it is fully decompressed and used for a long time, it will not take up too much memory space. The memory requirement of an application is larger than the file you want to download. This memory is not necessarily memory, even external memory such as SD card and memory disk is supported.


This app is currently available free of charge on appplaystore, so you will have to see some necessary advertisements during use. This will slightly affect your experience. If you find this annoying, please use our video downloader. The revision removes the advertisement, giving you the most smooth user experience.

It is simple and convenient to download videos and music directly from the Internet to your mobile phone. All formats are supported. 100% free.

The video downloader will automatically detect the video, and you can start downloading with just a click. The powerful download manager allows you to pause or resume the download at any time, download in the background, and download multiple files at the same time. First preview the video, then quickly download it. After downloading, it can be played offline.

Video downloader app download v2.0 Pro Unlocked
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    lu xi

    The software is great, but there are still some small problems 1. Sometimes the downloaded video cannot be fast forwarded 2. The brightness of the built-in player in the software is too high 3. The same website often updates videos, but I have already downloaded a video from this website I can’t download it again, I hope it can be solved.