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Tm whatsapp V8.121 Mod Apk Lastest Version

Tm whatsapp V8.121 Mod Apk Lastest Version
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Tm whatsapp V8.121 Mod Apk Lastest Version

As one of the world’s most popular social networking platforms for young people, Tm whatsapp V8.121 has recently been updated with a large number of new features, so let’s explore those little-known but useful features!

1. Post “archive”  function

Tm whatsapp V8.121 introduces a new “archive” feature that allows users to “archive” posts that they don’t want to show on their home page into an “archive” that is only visible to you. The settings allow you to restore them to their original timeline at any time. The “Archive” feature provides a private space for users to save their memories in their own way. Instead of permanently deleting previously outdated information, companies can save it for future use.

How it works (mobile): Click on the three dots on the top right of the posting and select “Archive”, and the picture or video will be automatically transferred to the “Archive Library”. Click on “Show on Profile” to restore it to the timeline.

2. Tm whatsapp V8.121 stories can add UTM links

Tm whatsapp V8.121 opens the “Story UTM Link” function for enterprise accounts with 10,000 followers or more, users can directly access the blog posts, ads or event pages shared by the enterprise by clicking the link at the bottom of the story, and can add UTM link to monitor the traffic.

3. “Business and Redditor Partnerships” tab

A report shared by Buzzfeed shows that 93% of popular Tm whatsapp V8.121 celebrity ads do not meet FTC (Federal Trade Commission) standards. In order to regulate partnerships between businesses and celebrities, whatsapp will disclose which posts by celebrities are sponsored by brands, and from now on users may see “Paid partnership with…” at the top of some posts or stories. s paid partnership” logo at the top of some posts or stories.

4. “Targeted and tagged” stories

If you’re looking for a way to increase exposure and meet new fans, try Tm whatsapp V8.121’s “location and tag” stories feature. By adding clickable location stickers to your stories, users can search or view public stories in specific geographic areas. This feature can help potential customers easily find your store, follow your brand’s message during an event or participate in an activity.

5. Comment Filters

Once negative or negative comments appear on your business page, it can cause some damage to your business image.Tm whatsapp V8.121’s comment filter feature can help you to solve this trouble, you can set automatic filter or manual filter. Automatic filters are based on Tm whatsapp V8.121’s algorithm to tag and hide comments, and manual filters require setting the appropriate keywords or phrases.

6. “Location tagging”

For localized businesses, “location tagging” should really be used! When you search in “location tags”, Tm whatsapp V8.121 will show you the top 9 hot posts in that area, with the rest of the posts listed in order of updates. If you want to catch a local buzz or seek inspiration from local posts, it’s a good idea to search the Places tab often.

How to Install FouadWhatsApp Latest Version

First and foremost, you have to make sure you’ve enabled the installation of APKs on your Android device. To do that, follow the steps.

1.Uninstall or disable the official WhatsApp. (Make sure to do a WhatsApp chats backup before the uninstallation.)

2.Enabled the installation of APKs on your Android device. (The steps below vary from device to device. )

Open the Settings app on your phone.

Go to Apps and tap the three-dot menu. Select “Special access”.

Scroll to tap “Install unknown apps” and turn on the source from which you downloaded the Tm whatsapp V8.121 APK.

3.Now open your phone’s file manager and go to Internal Storage > Downloads.

4.Tap the APK file you’ve just downloaded and wait for the process to complete.

The Tm whatsapp V8.121 latest version has now been installed on your Android phone. You can open the app and login with your phone number.

The development of Tm whatsapp V8.121

According to the data, Tm whatsapp V8.121 has over 1 billion MAUs worldwide, which means that more than 1 in 7 people worldwide will open it every month.

Unlike Facebook, which is often criticized for its privacy and recommendation algorithm, Tm whatsapp V8.121 is an app with almost zero bad reviews, and in the book No Filter, which tells the story of Tm whatsapp V8.121 from its inception to its acquisition and defeat of Snapchat, it is said that the vision of the founders was to create a utopia on the Internet.

Compared to the product philosophy with Facebook where everything is growth-driven, Tm whatsapp V8.121 pays more attention to user experience, community atmosphere. For example, in Tm whatsapp V8.121, there is no Twitter-like retweet (retweet) feature, because Systrom believes that Tm whatsapp V8.121 is used to record the highlight moments of users’ lives and does not want users’ Profiles to be flooded with a lot of retweets.

Another interesting figure is that Tm whatsapp V8.121 has excellent retention in many countries around the world, far higher than Facebook and TikTok (which is why Zuckerberg, when asked about the threat of TikTok, confidently said that the retention of his own product is far higher than that of his rivals).

The reason behind the super high user retention, besides the excellent product design and UGC content, is that Tm whatsapp V8.121 is slowly transforming from an image publishing tool to a chat tool.

WeChat started out as a pure chat tool, and only in later versions did it add the circle of friends for graphic socialization. Today, the two are slowly converging as they continue to enhance the chat function.

Every update has behind-the-scenes upgrades to make Viber better ;) Always get the latest version for the best Viber experience

Viber respects your privacy and it is a top priority for us, just like it is for you.
Tm whatsapp V8.121 Mod Apk Lastest Version
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