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Vanguard ZERO Apk Download Latest 2.72.1

Vanguard ZERO Apk Download Latest 2.72.1
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Vanguard ZERO 2.72.1 for Android Latest Version

Vanguard ZERO is a card game based on the manga, which continues the cards and gameplay from the anime, recreating the characters from the anime, with an interesting story, a stinging|exciting battle style that allows players to fight in the real world, and a large number of single-player games. And in this game, people who have not experienced the series, can also go through the story, to understand the ins and outs of the story.

Herald ZERO game review

Binary Japanese game painting style

Various types of cards waiting for you to collect

Reasonable match their own deck

Plenty of plot and storyline

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Herald ZERO game introduction

Card Battle ZERO” is a new work in the same context as the previous game “Card Battle! Herald” in the same context of the new work, the game is still mainly to collect and train cards, by improving the battle power of the deck and players to fight.

Herald ZERO Japanese service fully upgraded graphics, more cards waiting for you to collect, with exciting online card battle play, you can combine a set of your own deck to fight. At the same time in the plot is also very rich, there are many familiar characters debut will also unlock new characters, so that the plot more exciting, welcome to download the friends who need to try!

The pioneer ZERO is the new card battle game of the card battle pioneer. In the game you can fight with the main characters in the anime, smooth graphics to give you a boost, and enjoy the charm of the rich and exciting plot of the original series, the plot of the game is also quite rich and exciting, you can experience the original plot and characters, easy to carry out strategic card duel on the cell phone.

The popular TCG “Card Wars! Pioneer” makes its debut on cell phones as a card battle RPG! Experience the new world of Pioneer with the mobile-optimized “Pioneer Zero Rules”!

The main character of the story, Aichi Sendo, is just another timid and inconspicuous junior high school student.
In his humdrum life, Aichi has only one thing to fall back on: Blaster Blade, a TCG game card he received as a child. His life takes a dramatic turn when he starts fighting the card.
Captivated by Vanguard’s charms, he befriended companions like Misaki Togura and Kamui Katsura, as well as many other opponents, through Vanguard Fights.

“Vanguard ZERO” is a mobile game that anyone can enjoy, whether you are already a fan or a brand new player of “Cardfight! Vanguard” for brand new players!

Vanguard ZERO game features

1. A card battle RPG where you can enjoy single player battles and PVP battles!

2. Faithful reproduction of the original “Cards Against Humanity! Pioneer” anime series world story mode!

3. PVP mode optimized for mobile devices using “Pioneer Zero Rules”!

4. The “My Room” feature gives you the freedom to create your own unique room and let your favorite characters hang out!

5. Experience many other attractions Vanguard has to offer!

6. Hot and explosive dueling and killing, fingertip chaos fun melt.

7. The gorgeous battle effect is newly opened, to create the most top battle feast.

8. Huge world map scenes, a variety of new and interesting gameplay waiting for you to experience.

9. With a very comprehensive display of combat gameplay, the use of card advantages and skills to create opportunities for victory.

Pioneer ZERO game highlights

1, a large number of original characters into the game, as well as the corresponding card collection, more card types can be collected.

2, story mode login, players can experience the development of the story plot with the role in the anime, restore the plot.

3, and players together to experience the exciting fun, in a single way with the opponent a card strategy to win or lose.

4, the plot thickness and depth are slightly inadequate, but as a mobile game or acceptable degree of dumb.

5, the game’s story mode is not too long, after all, not the main single-player game, can only say that it is okay, but the biggest fun of the card game does not lie in the plot.

6, a large number of magic creatures and anime card characters for you to explore.

7、Continue to challenge the main plot level, unlock more cool equipment and skills.

8、Tense and exciting card battle gameplay, let you relive the memories of the anime world and youth.

9、Multiple anime characters perfectly restored, exquisite card design, each plot task and you to fight.

10、Familiar story mode waiting for you to explore, each card has its own unique skills, really let you can’t stop!

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Vanguard ZERO Apk Download Latest 2.72.1
Download Vanguard ZERO Apk Download Latest 2.72.1 

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