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Twilight 13 app apk download lastest version

Twilight 13 app apk download lastest version
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Twilight 13 app apk download lastest version

Twilight for healthy sleep protection is a software to protect the eyes , with this software, you can greatly reduce the damage caused by cell phone radiation, especially the electronic screen reading on the eyes, like to use the phone to read books reading can install a, to protect the health will not cause eye fatigue.

Software introduction

Twilight Twilight is a very practical and rich wallpaper cell phone software, which has a variety of different types of styles of wallpaper, each user can get better satisfaction, if you want to change your cell phone desktop background, you can go through this software to view and browse, there is always a suitable for you to create a different cell phone desktop effect.

Twilight software advantages.

1. Through his use, you can make your cell phone desktop is full of personalized, can bring more users to more wallpaper options.

2. All kinds of wallpapers have a detailed classification, you can choose according to the various panels to find the corresponding.

3. There are also a lot of interesting dynamic effect pictures and avatars to meet the different needs of users.

4. You can go find your own wonderful wallpaper content according to the featured recommendation list.

Twilight Twilight” software introduction.

1. A variety of popular new wallpapers are updated in a timely manner, which allows you to easily find a variety of trendy avatars.

2. Various styles can be freely to your choice, no matter which one you like, you can always download.

3. If you do not have your favorite type of wallpaper, you can also enter the key words to find a variety of avatars and images.

Twilight Twilight” software evaluation.

1. various pictures are high-definition quality, and very beautiful, can make your phone desktop background become different.

2. There are also a lot of popular lists that you can view here to get a variety of trendy and beautiful pictures.

Software Introduction

Are you troubled by the difficulty of falling asleep? Are your children excited because they are playing games on their tablets before bedtime?

Are you still using your smartphone and tablet late at night? Twilight may be just what you need!

Recent studies have shown that exposure to blue light at bedtime can disrupt your natural rhythm (circadian rhythm) and prevent you from falling asleep.

This all stems from the photoreceptors in your eyes called nigrostimulins. This receptor is extremely sensitive to the narrower wavelengths of blue light between 460 and 480 nanometers, which inhibit the production of melatonin, the hormone that controls the normal resting cycle.

In some experimental research demonstrations, it has been shown that the general population may experience about an hour of delayed sleep when reading on a tablet or smartphone for several hours before bedtime.

The Twilight app adapts your device screen to the time of day. It filters out the blue spectrum on your phone or tablet screen after sunset and protects your eyes with a soft and pleasing red filter. The intensity of the filter smoothly adjusts to the sunlight cycle at sunrise and sunset times in your location.

Twilight for healthy sleep

Special Features

Twilight may cause the “Install” button for installed apps to fail. Please note that this may cause inconvenience to you.

-Material 3 components
-Themed icon
-Tasker is default OFF, enable in Settings -More
Twilight 13 app apk download lastest version
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