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TunnelBear MOD App Apk Download V3.6.9

TunnelBear MOD App Apk Download V3.6.9
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TunnelBear MOD App Apk Download V3.6.9

TunnelBear plug-in free download is a browser plug-in tool for installing reliable encrypted network connections. TunnelBear green version download allows users to ensure the security of their private data when connecting to public wifi. Using the TunnelBear plug-in can also help users improve cross-border The network connection speed of the domain allows users to surf the Internet more smoothly and at ease.

TunnelBear green version download development background

Now with the popularity of wifi, in the big and small corners of major cities, from the whole city like Hangzhou wifi, to small restaurants, private wifi provides users with wireless networks everywhere, users do not have to worry about mobile phone traffic in these environments. However, because ordinary users have little knowledge of using public wifi, it is easy to leak their privacy and even threaten their property safety by using unsafe wifi.

A wifi free network that has been deliberately arranged by hackers to obtain all unencrypted network connections of users. Some network sniffing tools exist on the network, which can obtain the account number and password entered by users in unsafe wifi, and transmit them in the network. Therefore, the Chrome Plug-in Network also reminds users not to use unsecured wifi to surf the Internet. If they do, they should also avoid entering some sensitive information in unsecured wifi.

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TunnelBear Plugin Free Download Software Features

1. Ensure the security of the user’s network files and software, and use the world’s most advanced technology to achieve the effect of comprehensive monitoring

2. Actively defend against external threats and protect the dangerous signs of detectable files. Support spam blocking function

3. Web page security can inform you in advance whether the website is safe or not before you visit the website

4. To protect the user’s personal privacy data, this application provides services for the user Rabbit

TunnelBear official version download and installation method

1. First, the user clicks the Customize and Control button in the upper right corner of the browser, selects more tools in the drop-down box, and then clicks Extensions to enter the extension manager page of the Chrome browser.

2. In the extension manager of the opened Google Chrome, the user can see some Chrome plug-ins that have been installed, or there is no Chrome plug-in.

3. Find the Chrome offline installation file xxx.crx that you have downloaded, and then drag it from the resource manager to the extension management interface of Chrome. At this time, the browser will prompt you to “Add xxx”? Let’s click” Add an extension” to successfully install the plugin.

4. It shows that the plugin has been successfully installed, click “Remove” to uninstall it, which is quite simple.

TunnelBear pure version download and use instructions

1. After starting the TunnelBear plugin in Chrome, some network delays caused by different network operators can be reduced

2. Using the TunnelBear plug-in can directly prohibit advertisers from tracking their privacy when browsing the web

3. When using the TunnelBear plug-in, the TunnelBear developer promises not to obtain any logs or transmission data generated by the user in the process of using the plug-in.

4. Using the TunnelBear plug-in can make the user’s network more private, so that users will not worry about their privacy being unintentionally leaked when using public wifi

TunnelBear Premium Download Changelog

1: Optimized performance

2: We are serious about solving bug problems

Download TunnelBear Safe Edition

A network tool software installed on the Mac platform, tunnelbear for mac can make your network better protected, allowing users to have security and privacy protection for all operations when using the network

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TunnelBear MOD App Apk Download V3.6.9
Download TunnelBear MOD App Apk Download V3.6.9 

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