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Township Mod Apk Latest Version (Unlimited Coins/Cash) Download

Township Mod Apk Latest Version (Unlimited Coins/Cash) Download
  • Updated
  • Version 9.7.0
  • Requirements Android 4.4
  • Developer Playrix
  • Genre Casual
  • Google Play
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Township is a traditional farming simulation game that combines city construction and farm management. Game players develop planting, breeding, city construction and agricultural trade around an agricultural town. The main purpose of the game is to connect independent agricultural operations into a complete industrial chain, increase income, expand territory, and make your town more prosperous through population increase.


Township game introduction

Township is a unique combination of town building and farming experience! Realize your vision and create the perfect livable town! Harvest crops, run processing facilities, and sell goods to grow your town. Explore mines, get resources and collect artifacts. Open cafes, movie theaters, and other community buildings that promote people’s social life.

Township game features

  • You can use unique buildings and decorations to create a unique fantasy town.
  • All kinds of crops can be planted and processed in the factory.
  • You will receive orders from funny and charming townspeople.
  • You will be able to discover and collect antiques in the town mine.
  • Go to the island and bring back exotic goods.
  • You can build zoos and even raise animals.
  • You can decorate the town with famous landmarks like the Statue of Liberty, Big Ben and more!
  • Play with your Facebook and friends in Game Center and make some new friends in the game community!


The Township game takes the development of a small town as the main line. First of all, there must be buildings. The buildings are divided into houses (providing population), community buildings (raising the population limit), factories, farming (including pastures), decorations and exclusive items.


Ordering system in Township game

The source of the development of the town is planting and breeding, and then put the crops and various agricultural by-products into various factories for processing into various products (all items must be put into the granary before they can be sent), and the residents are completed by helicopter. Orders get coins and experience points. Orders are the earliest way to recover funds.

Orders need to be delivered by helicopter, so try to place the helicopter in the center of the city. If you feel that the order cannot be completed, you can cancel it, but there will be another one after at least half a minute. There is no time limit for orders that have appeared.

Since the order is not limited, some items that cannot be produced now (but related factories can be built) may appear in the order. But trains and planes never have such items.
Orders are mainly divided into two types: those that require one to three materials in large quantities (mostly for the production of simple crops or low-grade products) and those that require a variety of (up to six) items in a small amount (often difficult to produce).

Train system in Township game

The farmland can only be unlocked according to the population. The more the population, the more farmland can be built, but there is an upper limit on the population. To increase the population limit, you have to build community buildings, but after the community buildings are completed, you need some materials to build After completion, these materials can only be obtained by trains and markets (in exclusive items, banknotes are required), after the train compartment is full, the train will leave, and it will take some time (interval 2-5 hours) for the train to release the materials Send it over, and then another train to the station waiting to be filled with items. A train has at least three carriages.


Expanding the size of the city gradually becomes more difficult, starting with just money, then adding shovels, axes and saw blades. These things are also only available by train. As a price, the train does not provide gold coins.

In the middle and late stages of the Township game, liquidation is the most painful problem for players, because all activities must be transferred through the warehouse. Even if a batch is produced, the order cannot be completed if there is no space in the warehouse. This requires upgrading the granary with granary upgrade materials (nails, hammer, and paint). And upgrading materials (including materials for expanding the city area and building materials needed for community buildings) all take up warehouse space, and the more you upgrade, the more you need. So if conditions permit, it is almost a must to upgrade.

Items in the warehouse can be sold at a low price to free up space.

As the level increases, the second and third railways can be repaired.

Township game aircraft system

The level 17 repairable airport actually must be repaired, because many things behind it are based on the premise of having an airport.

The airport requires three groups of items of the same quantity and type to be prepared within 15 hours, with two to three types in each group. Every time you send an item, you will get a batch of gold coins as rewards, and you will get more rewards for each completed group, and you can get banknotes and gems when you complete three groups.

If the aircraft is not dispatched within 15 hours, most rewards will not be available. However, the plane can be forced to be dispatched when the items are not complete. The flight interval is five hours.

Close the background program during the interval of the plane, and the plane will start timing from the next time you log in to the game. In this way it is possible to extend the interval of the aircraft (new version has been fixed).


After building the market, you can buy some items in the market, but the price is more expensive than self-made. The market cycle is six hours, and items not purchased by players will be forcibly removed from the shelves. If the player doesn’t find the item in the market, he can pay the banknotes to ask the merchant to find it (buy another gold coin). The merchant rests for one hour. After the market is built, merchants are free for the first day.


Consume gems to get some bonuses, including doubling crops, doubling order amounts, etc., but they are all temporary (1-3 days). Up to three bonuses can be obtained at the same time.


Level 21 mines can be repaired. There are four kinds of ores: copper, silver, gold, and platinum. Every five ores can be made into a metal in the smelter.

There are three tools for mining: pick (destroy a grid), glycerin explosive (destroy a horizontal row) and tnt (destroy a circle around). tnt can break soft stones once, others need two. Mining tools and ores do not take up warehouse space, but the smelter can only make one metal at a time, and the previous one must be taken away.

Gold coins, treasure chests and other items can also be found in the mine.

Metal can be used to upgrade factories and ports at the Industrial Research Institute to obtain rare items, and to craft wonder decorations.

Industrial college (research institute actually)

Pay metal to upgrade the factory, including options such as shortening time, increasing gold coins, increasing experience, and increasing shelves (normally six shelves, if more than six products are not taken away, production will be discontinued). Islands and trains can also be upgraded. This upgrade is done instantly and is not time consuming.


Artifacts can be found in the sea and mines after building the museum. Collecting a set of artifacts is rewarded with banknotes. Collected relics will also appear, and the rewards for collecting a set of relics multiple times (up to three times) are doubled.

Port system

The first freighter is free, the second freighter is 5,000 gold coins, the third is 8,000 gold coins, and the fourth is 25,000 gold coins. After paying some funds, you can order the freighter to go to the relevant islands to purchase materials that cannot be produced. There are four islands of fruits (including peaches, watermelons, and plums), olives (including grapes, olives, and limes), tropical (including bananas, coconuts, and pineapples), and fishermen (fish, shrimp, and lobster). One metal can be added per flight for better supplies.


Township Beginner’s Guide

How to earn coins quickly?

  1. Complete the resident’s order. A certain amount of gold coins and experience can be obtained by completing the orders of residents.
  2. Sell items. At this time, the grown wheat comes in handy, and you can sell the grown wheat (growing wheat is the most profitable). Selling metal ingots is also very profitable, but the cost is too high.
  3. Help your friends fill up the train carriages. Your friend will send you a thank you note (with a four-leaf clover inside). Gather 5 pieces of four-leaf clover, you can draw gold coins in the lucky house.

How to get paint, nails, and hammers?

  1. After the train returns, you can get a certain amount of paint/nails/hammers.
  2. There is a chance to get it in the lucky house.
  3. Use green copy (cash) to purchase (recommended)

What are metal ingots good for?

  1. Buy individual decorations, such as: Pyramid, Eiffel Tower, Statue of Liberty…
  2. Purchase an industrial research institute.
  3. Upgrade the factory (requires industrial research institute). Upgrading factories can increase experience, gold coin income.

Township game update log

Northern Quest

  • Go to the far north and explore the secrets of the North!
  • Win unique upgradable decorations!

Magic christmas

  • Christmas themed skins for in-game items!
  • The fairy costume of the cow in the cow pen.
  • Ocean Treasure
  • Decorate the submarine and embark on an underwater adventure!
  • Find treasure under the sea!
  • Ernie Cup
  • Brand new competition with awesome prizes!

Other highlights

  • New building: Radio Telescope.
  • 10 Christmas decorations.
  • New regatta season.
  • 2 new extensions.


At present, the pace of life is getting faster and faster, and people are gradually beginning to look forward to a smooth and slow-paced life. And today I bring you a slow-paced simulation management game that combines city construction and farm management gameplay: Township. Players can experience the feeling of being a mayor in the game. You need to plant and harvest crops, process them in factories, sell them as goods for money, and then use the funds to build residential buildings, increase the population of the town, and open restaurants, movie theaters, and other community buildings to allow The player’s town is unique and full of vitality. In the later stage, the mine can also be unlocked. Exploring the mine will obtain energy and find antiques, making the development of the town more stable. Plus run your own zoo and collect animals from all over the world. Interested players come to this site to download the Township game and play it.


* Join Rachel and Richard on an expedition to Tortuga!
* An adorable dog will help you clear obstacles as you explore the islands!
* Hop on the style wagon to the North Pole!
* Transform Carl and his house at the polar station!
* Enjoy thematic skins and celebrate Lunar New Year!
* Love is in the air! Unlock romantic prizes!
* A new Pet Supply Factory!
* 9 temporary decorations for Lunar New Year!
* A new town expansion.
Township Mod Apk Latest Version (Unlimited Coins/Cash) Download
Download Township Mod Apk Latest Version (Unlimited Coins/Cash) Download 

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