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Torque Pro app apk free download v1.12

Torque Pro app apk free download v1.12
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Torque Pro app apk free download v1.12

Torque Pro is a very useful mobile phone software for vehicle condition monitoring and detection. Users can detect the faults of their cars online, learn about the details of the car, support clear fault codes, and support viewing detailed instrument and fuel consumption data. Welcome to download and use it!

Torque Pro functions:

1. Large scale fault code database allows query of fault codes from many different manufacturers

2. Theme support (select different themes to change your dashboard)

3. Log information is sent to the network or email for CSV/KML analysis. Drive at night through excel/Openoffice’s * head display/HUD mode

4. Compass (based on GPS) will not be interfered by magnetic field

5. GPS speedometer/tracking and real-time network upload function – see what you are doing and your engine at a time point

6. DYNO/Dynamometer and horsepower/HP and torque

7. Readable transmission temperature (depending on the vehicle)

8.0-60 timing – more accurate than using ordinary old GPS – see how fast your car is (or truck:)

9. Customizable dashboard readings for CO2 emissions

10. Video Your journey track recorder plug-in uses OBDII data overlay with the screen – a black square that lets you car/truck!

11. Send GPS tags to tweet directly (for example, if you are going on an away trip)

12. Turbocharged vehicles, supporting maps and MAF sensors (Volkswagen/Audi/seats, etc.)

13. Voice/voice coverage of alarm and warning (for example, if your coolant temperature rises and you drive for 120C)

14. AIDL API is used to connect third-party application processes, a simple Telnet interface is an adapter for developers to talk to, and an OBD scanner.

Torque Pro features:

[Driving track]

Query the historical track of your car

[Real time vehicle condition]

Real time monitoring and display of vehicle condition data, which can be customized and displayed

Fuel Consumption Management

The fuel consumption related data is clear at a glance, and the historical fuel consumption can be easily viewed

[Vehicle physical examination]

Comprehensive vehicle health check and generate physical examination report. Provide one click clearing service for existing fault codes

[Weather and telephone service]

Provide three-day weather forecast and car washing index, and make one touch call from emergency telephone

[Quick Navigation]

Just click or shake your phone once to find the nearest gas station, repair shop and toilet, and design a route for full navigation. During the navigation process, there are clear hints of turning arrows and words.

[Car positioning]

Locate your car in real time

Tour of Torque Pro:

Open the appplaystore to download Torque Pro. Click to enter the home page. We can see many functions, such as vehicle fault, real-time information, map view, icons, etc

Click the real-time information, the user can see the measured wind pressure, speed, acceleration, coolant, pressure rise and other data

In the adapter status, the user can see the link status and information of Bluetooth, adapter, ecu, etc

In the map view, the user can query the current track, mileage view and other information at any time


Torque Pro is very helpful in using and driving the car. Anyone who owns a car should download Torque Pro in order to regularly monitor and develop a reasonable maintenance plan for the car.

A small update before the next update cycle starts:

* Adjustment of a timer to fix a small startup issue on some obscure android devices
Torque Pro app apk free download v1.12
Download Torque Pro app apk free download v1.12 

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