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Today Weather app download Android mobile version v2.1.12.081

Today Weather app download Android mobile version v2.1.12.081
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Today Weather app download Android mobile version v2.1.12.081

Today Weather is an app that gives you a whole new experience of using weather tracking. You can easily view a wealth of weather-related information with warnings that you can’t ignore. At the same time, you can also learn about the weather conditions in the next few days or in different regions, which is convenient for travel. The app also supports widgets for your convenience during observation.

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Weather forecast feature with a brand-new interface

You’ll experience the weather forecast with Today Weather’s brand-new interface. The information you find in the application is completely simplified and comes with many details related to the environment. At the same time, with its convenient and easy-to-use interface, this app will be an invaluable tool to bring a new experience to users besides the basic functions available in your device. You will love all it has to offer.

Full of information that users can query

The basic functionality that Today Weather gives you when you experience it is that you will see information related to the weather in your location. You can get information about the current weather and the next few days. At the same time, the application also added factors such as ultraviolet light and dust concentration in the air. Both of these factors will ultimately affect the health of the user, so be sure to consult the app before heading out and bring the necessary items.

Notifications about the phenomenon appear every day

The app’s weather forecast always provides you with completely accurate information and alerts. You can see the percentage chance of rain and thanks to this warning feature you will be able to prepare an umbrella or avoid going out if it is too heavy. At the same time, these early warning functions are often accompanied by factors such as humidity, air pressure, and wind speed, allowing you to predict how much rainfall is coming. Of course, this function can also help you record beautiful moments.

Observing weather conditions with radar

In addition to the information that Today Weather provides, another feature that you won’t overlook is the radar. Specifically, you can now see the weather in your area from a satellite perspective instead of indicators. This function supports many items that you can select and adjust according to the weather elements you want to observe. Therefore, you can also learn about the movement of a particular storm in order to prepare to avoid it.

Check the weather in different locations

When you travel through different parts of your country or travel across another country on a business trip, it is necessary to check the weather there with Today Weather. You can fully understand the information about that place with the same indicators as your area. So, think about what to bring to optimize the amount of luggage you need to carry and prepare something to keep the weather from affecting your health.

Monitor the weather with widgets

When you use applications on the Android platform, you certainly cannot ignore the widget feature. The application supports many types of widgets that you can choose and adjust according to your wishes. Of course, adding this feature to your home screen puts weather-related information at your fingertips, and it doesn’t take long. Meanwhile, when you want to see other related information, just touch the widget to access the app.

Version 2.1.0 Build 9:
- Referral Code Feature: Successfully inviting a new user through the Referral Code, you will receive 6 months of the Premium version for free, and the person who enters this code will receive 3 months for free as well.
- Minor bug fixes.
Today Weather app download Android mobile version v2.1.12.081
Download Today Weather app download Android mobile version v2.1.12.081 

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