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TickTick Premium MOD APP APK V6.4.0.0 For Android

TickTick Premium MOD APP APK V6.4.0.0 For Android
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  • Requirements Android 4.4
  • Developer Appest Inc
  • Genre Tools
  • Google Play
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TickTick Premium MOD APP APK V6.4.0.0 For Android

TickTick schedule management is a lightweight to-do and schedule management software, a collection of various practical features, such as schedule, tomato clock, notes, alarm clock, calendar, etc.; in the calendar date can be added to the schedule for management, you can customize the time to set reminders, determine their own advance time, but also can be set to repeat mode; at any time in the home page for you to show today and tomorrow’s to-do items You can select the task and set it to be completed; you can also provide a tomato timer, add the name and duration of the timer, display the countdown for you in real-time, and automatically remind you when the countdown is over; you can also create a service through WeChat, send a service and create a reminder message through WeChat, automatically create the task for you and remind you on time.

TickTick Schedule Manager

Application Features

1. Quickly add schedules by text creation or voice entry, and customize the time to set reminders.

2、Provides a calendar view, choose your date to view this month’s schedule, marked by different colors.

3、Users can customize the functions displayed in the main interface of the list, choose the calendar, tomato, search, etc. in the tabs by themselves.

4、Support teamwork, set their collaborative tasks, and view the progress of the task in real-time.

5、Online can take notes or add memos, you can also add pictures, attachments, etc. for the contents of the record.

6、Provides a tomato clock, set your timing content, and focuses on the office or study, automatically for you to remind;

Application features

1. Intelligent recognition of quickly added schedules, extracting time and date information for you and automatically setting reminder modes.

2. You can categorize tasks and lists, and add folders, tags, priorities, etc. by yourself.

3、With a variety of view modes, such as text, list, recording files, pictures, etc., to meet the user’s various recording and browsing needs.

4、With a simple and intuitive calendar view, you can see the schedule at a glance, long press the schedule can also be dragged and managed.

5、Support multi-platform synchronous management, such as cell phones, tablets, web pages, computers, etc., synchronous display of edited information.

6. flexible sorting to display the set schedules and lists, filtering and sorting by date, title, etc. on your own.

Instructions for use

1、After downloading the software, you can enter the login page and use your cell phone number to register

2, enter the home page to view the last seven days of the schedule and select the schedule to complete

3, enter the page to set reminders, select the date and period to add reminders

4, in the tomato countdown page, you can a key to exit the mode, you can also open the reminder mode

5, click Settings to enter the tab page, where you can select the function to start or close


Whether you are a student or a professional, TickTick is an indispensable application. It can change the lifestyle of a person who has lost control of his time. A clear plan is always very effective for a person who works with a purpose. tickTick has won 3 prestigious awards for best work support app. The great effectiveness of this application for other users can be seen here. Do you want to change yourself now? Download the app and experience it with us!

Major Update: Timeline View

Timeline View is a lighter and more useful tool than the Gantt chart.

On Timeline View, you can keep track of everyone's progress in your project, and plan your work and life within a longer time frame.

When you are on List, Folder or Filter, tap "More - View - Timeline View" to switch. All, Today, Inbox is not supported for now.
TickTick Premium MOD APP APK V6.4.0.0 For Android
Download TickTick Premium MOD APP APK V6.4.0.0 For Android 

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