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Temple run 2 mod apk download v6.7 Unlimited Money

Temple run 2 mod apk download v6.7 Unlimited Money
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Temple run 2 mod apk download v6.7 Unlimited Money

This is the most popular video game today, combining action and adventure to conquer thorns. Temple Run 2 appears. This time, the player’s task will be to escape the devil and collect gold coins on each path. Your life cannot be confined to such a terrible castle; Stand up and get back to your best. More importantly, keep healthy and continue your journey in the future.

Temple run 2

Leave the haunted temple

You have been left in this terrible ghost temple for a long time, and you are also frightened by the barbarians in this temple. Living under the evil temple, you should try not to let them know your whereabouts if there are ghosts. There is only one way to help you escape this place safely, and that is to take away the precious gods, because only in this way can you have the strength to resist everything.

Temple run 2

However, it is too difficult to obtain the statue in the temple escape, which requires players to be reckless and brave. Most of the people around the statue are bats and fierce eagles, who can come to fight with you at any time. You need to be smart to take the opportunity to touch the statue; Only in this way can you have more chances to survive in this world. And that day also came, when you got the statue, you set foot on the road to escape the ghost temple.

More new roads

Now those evil monsters are fighting with you, chasing you back to the precious statue. However, thanks to the idols, my strength has improved a bit. You run on the new road; There are gold coins on the road and collect them, because the more gold coins you have, the more you can unlock the private road. After unlocking your path, you will have a chance to return to your previous life.

Running with your strength and keeping calm in all situations is what Temple Run 2 requires of you. Sometimes traps or deep pits suddenly appear on the road. You must overcome these traps to continue this journey. If you are not careful, you may lose your life at any time. Use your tenacity to easily overcome this trap and continue to conquer the road of life.

Break the mysterious labyrinth

Not only do traps occur, but also when encountering deep forests or collapsed roads, it is necessary to climb or swing branches forcefully to cross the safe position. Accept the challenge and win the gold medal all the way; When you have played enough, the new level will continue and you will get the perfect golden key. Temple Run 2 also shows a map in the lower-left corner of the screen, which is used to mark the position of the players, so that we can easily guess the direction of the next step.

The game uses unique graphics, vivid sounds, and interesting incidental features. From this point, we can see the highlights brought to the players by the escape from the temple. Players will gradually sink into the game with time and risk. Come back intact to win the positive encouragement of relatives.


In general, Temple Run 2 is a huge upgrade to the previous version. The game style remains unchanged, but there are many improvements in graphics, additional functions, character upgrading, unlocking new characters, etc. This game is an excellent entertainment choice after working hours, learning, and pressure.

Whether you prefer the APK version in your spare time or the MOD version in your busy work, this game is still the best entertainment choice for getting off work, studying, and exercising under pressure. Run now. Don’t forget: “Stop running means death!”

Is Temple Run 2 free?

Temple Run 2 is a free application, but you need to pay for additional props. The installation of the app play store is completed quickly. You don’t need to log in to play games.

Is Temple Run 2 suitable for children?

Temple Run 2 contains very little cartoon violence and is suitable for children aged 6 and above.

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Temple run 2 mod apk download v6.7 Unlimited Money
Download Temple run 2 mod apk download v6.7 Unlimited Money 

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