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TED MOD APP APK V7.4.52 For Android

TED MOD APP APK V7.4.52 For Android
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TED MOD APP APK V7.4.52 For Android

Ted English speech app is a professional voice review software for English speakers, the software is good to support bilinguals, where you can learn the purest English. Currently, the software is fully functional, covering a variety of voice videos, these voices are good material for you to practice, and the video support now listens to read, so your English reading ability is getting better and better. The software also has an information function, which also supports both Chinese and English, so you can practice your reading skills. In the discovery column, the software provides you with more powerful features, such as knowing English in proverbs through proverbs.

Software Features

[Quality Resources] Original audio content from ted speeches, plus the powerful editorial team of Love Language Bar carefully sculpted, what reason do you have not to choose?
[Speaking Evaluation] Automatically evaluate pronunciation level, and locate pronunciation mistakes and pronunciation defects by intelligent voice technology. Can you score 100 points?
[Supporting exercises] Every article comes with supporting exercises, which can test the mastery of the article in real-time, come and test it.
[Powerful Features] Voice speed adjustment, single sentence playback, English-only display, timer off, learning alarm, learning record display, etc. Is there anything more powerful than me?
The module contains ted video learning resources, which can be used to improve the efficiency of learning.
[Classic American Drama] Find – “Take a look” module many classic American dramas at your leisure, tired of studying to see American drama, in the relaxation of learning English.

Easy-to-use tutorial for ted English Speech app

A, app membership can be opened by following these steps.
1, open the ted English speech official app, click on “My”, in this interface to find the “Member Center”, click to enter.

2, membership is not free, it contains three different categories, and you can choose the type of membership and opening time according to your needs.

Second, the app can be set to change the size of the name
1, open the software, select “I”, find “Settings” in this interface, and click to enter.

2, scroll down, in the “play settings” to find “play function settings”, and click to enter.

3、Find “Original text display” of “Display settings” here, and click on it.

4, this interface is the interface where you can set the size of the subtitles and font color.

Three, ted English speech app how to adjust the speed
First of all, open the software, and then click the speech video you want to see.

In the video playback page, click on the bottom right corner of the speed adjustment function, you can quickly adjust to 0.5 times the speed, and you can also adjust the slow speed to 1.25 times the speed.

Software Features

[1] Use the search function to find the video resources you want.
[2] Support putting videos into favorites and downloading them to local files.
[3] You can adjust the progress of video playback as well as the volume level when playing videos.
[4] You can share the video or review resources with your friends.
[5] Users can evaluate their speaking ability online and view wrong phrases.
[6] The system ranking list according to the total score of the assessment

Update Log

v1.9.4 Version
1、Optimize the audio playback of headline articles so that listening to articles is more smooth.
2、Optimize video playback to bring you a smoother user experience.
3、Solve known bugs and improve stability.
v1.9.2 version
1、Monthly membership is coming back, up to 88 yuan savings!
2、Small video module new download, collection, PDF export function
v1.9.1 Version
1、Small video module new online, visual and auditory double experience.
2、New word sound correction function, steadily improves the level of spoken language
3, personal center switch new background, pleasing to the eye learning good environment.

This version introduces "My Library" - a primary hub to find saved talks, downloads and to continue listening or watching talks and podcasts you've started, so you can easily pick up right where you left off.

Additionally, we’ve fixed some bugs and improved app stability.
TED MOD APP APK V7.4.52 For Android
Download TED MOD APP APK V7.4.52 For Android 

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