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Tantan dating app apk download For Android

Tantan dating app apk download For Android
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Tantan dating app apk download For Android

Slide your mobile phone to find the people you like in both directions. Tantanapp young people love to play with the new social model. If you are busy with work and have a small circle of friends, you can come to Tantan to see it. The right slide is like it, but the left slide is not like it. It supports instant chat. It is all real person chat with the manual review and has high security.

Function introduction:

1. I like right skating. It’s easier to meet people who like you here.

2. Two-way travel and two-way love have been successfully paired 20 billion times.

3. Instant chat, mobile phone anytime, anywhere communication and feelings quickly heated up.

4. Near the dynamic, like a circle of friends, show your dynamic and express your true self.

5. Real name of a real person, manual review, and strict control, do not worry about encountering “dummies”.

Platform highlights:

Slide left and right

Tantan will push interesting people around you in real time according to your current location, geographical distance, and gender preference. All you need to do is slide! I like to slide to the right, but I can’t slide to the left more simply.

A moment to witness miracles

If the person you like also likes you, great! But don’t worry. Tantan only sends a notification when the pairing is successful, not the person who has been passed. Failed to advertise? that is nice, but no. It will never happen here!

My life, my choice

In Tantan, only people who like each other can chat and never have to worry about receiving harassing messages from strangers. Even if things are not going smoothly, they can also be blocked or reported at any time.

Only each other knows

We protect your privacy. When using Tantan, you can choose to be invisible to your contacts, so you don’t have to worry about meeting your friends in the address book awkwardly.

Software features:

Heartbeat matching left slide does not like it, right slide a little like it, matching without harassment, choose by yourself.

There is no limit to self-expression and roast without pressure.

Passing by, the person who knows you is not in the sky, just beside you.

You can only see each other with 20 words of soul dialogue and have a big adventure with dark lights.

This is Tantan. Some lovers make your heart beat and friends who share your interests.

Software advantages:

Tantan is a way for young people to meet.

If you can’t find your heartbeat because you are busy working in a small circle, come to Tantan.

Nowadays, the most popular slide card is used to make friends. The left slide represents indifference, and the right slide represents liking. Users can quickly select the person they want with their fingers. If the person you like happens to like you, you will instantly match and start a big adventure of exploring each other. Of course, if there is no match, you need not be discouraged. All the young people who are good-looking and interesting are here, and there is always one for you.

Come to Tantan and explore your love journey together.

Fix bugs and improve experience
Tantan dating app apk download For Android
Download Tantan dating app apk download For Android 

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