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Super Charging Pro APK Download v5.1 VIP Unlocked

Super Charging Pro APK Download v5.1 VIP Unlocked
  • Updated
  • Version 5.16.65
  • Requirements Android 4.1
  • Developer NUOTEC STUDIO
  • Genre Tools
  • Google Play
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Super Charging Pro APK Download v5.1 VIP Unlocked

Super Charging Pro helps you manage your device’s health and battery through various notifications. In some cases, you can also limit overcharging and reduce your device’s power usage.

Super Charging Pro

Super Charging Pro is an application that helps you find useful information about charging your device’s battery. You can quickly understand the basic parameters when charging, and receive notifications about abnormal conditions or full charge of the battery. At the same time, you can improve many factors related to devise performance and reduce battery power consumption.

Check the battery health of the device

In Super Charging Pro, the user will manage the battery health status through detailed parameters such as temperature and health status. At the same time, this function will display differently when your device is charged or not. You will be able to monitor the use of the device and its charging mode so that you can get the best solution when you begin to notice abnormal use.

Check your battery charging history

Any user will like the convenience of Super Charging Pro, which is to easily manage the Charging history of the device. Specifically, you will see when the battery is charged, how much it is charged, and how long it takes to overcharge. Overcharging the device continuously for a long time and repeatedly will hurt the battery. So choose how long you want to charge or take advantage of the application’s features.

Inform users of useful information

If you realize that the way you use Super Fast Charge Pro to charge is unscientific, you will be able to know the exact other information through the notification of the application. Specifically, you will know that the energy is abnormal during charging, and consider selecting a new charging line. You can also know how much time is left before charging is complete, and of course, anyone would like their battery to last longer.

Intelligent settings when charging the device

When you use Super Charging Pro, you will be able to find adjustments and settings to optimize your charging. You can save screen power and speed up the device’s charging process. At the same time, it can avoid the background process focusing on charging the battery at the beginning of each charging process. In addition, the application automatically reduces the brightness of the device to reduce energy consumption.

Control equipment performance

One of the reasons your device completely consumes power is that it must do some unnecessary work. Therefore, you can easily use the device’s boost function to save energy. You can reduce device temperature by deleting garbage files and freeing device memory to handle unnecessary work. The device should return to a steady state and focus on charging the battery.

Use an application without advertising

Surely, what any user wants is not to encounter annoying advertisements that affect the experience. Therefore, in the VIP version of the application, advertisements are completely removed, and there will be no unexpected advertisements or clicks. To be sure, your experience will be completely smooth, clean, and able to focus on managing the health of your device and its battery.

Super Charging Pro features:

You will know the battery status when the device is charged and not charged, so you can monitor the battery after multiple uses.

When the user receives a notification from the application, problems related to abnormal energy flow or overcharging will be completely resolved.

You can set some functions when you perform billing, and understand the complete information about billing stored in the history.

Users can improve device performance and save energy by installing and using many features.

When you upgrade to the VIP version to help you focus on the features of the application, you can experience the advertising-free interface.


It can be said that this is a very useful application to help you manage the content on the device. You can improve battery performance and save power by charging the battery faster. At the same time, one of the reasons users use this application is that it is small and full of valuable functions. You can safely use it on various Android devices without any problems.

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Super Charging Pro APK Download v5.1 VIP Unlocked
Download Super Charging Pro APK Download v5.1 VIP Unlocked 

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