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Stellarium Plus Star Map app apk download v1.9.8

Stellarium Plus Star Map app apk download v1.9.8
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Stellarium Plus Star Map app apk download

Stellarium app is an astronomical simulation software. Users can view the latest appearance of outer space and stars in the Milky Way in real time through Stellarium Astronomical Chinese app, and can also draw constellation patterns in the sky, so that you can experience different constellation senses.

The software also supports the simulation of sunrise and sunset, and the recent total solar eclipses can also be viewed through the Stellarium app, allowing you to feel the charm of outer space. If you are interested, please download it.

Stellarium features:

★ Watch the precise night sky simulation of stars and planets at any date, time and location.

★ Deeply understand the huge series of various stars, nebulae, galaxies, star clusters and other deep space objects.

★ Enlarge the lifelike “Milky Way” and “Deep Space Objects” images.

★ Select the shapes and diagrams of constellations in many astronomical cultures to explore what stars people living in other regions of the earth see.

★ Tracking satellites including the International Space Station.

★ Simulate the landscape and atmosphere through realistic sunrise, sunset and atmospheric refraction.

★ Explore the three-dimensional representation of the main planets and their satellites in the solar system.

★ Observe the sky in the night mode (red) to keep your eyes adapted to the darkness.

Stellarium app function:

1. Interactive three-dimensional celestial exploration environment

2. Fill in the corresponding information to check specific objects

3. Easily check the past constellations

4. Show or hide specific objects

5. Use the tools easy to operate in the software

Stellarium app tutorial

1. Use the mouse and keyboard to turn the Stellarium canopy

2. Use the page up/down key to zoom in and out of the Stellarium skyline

3. Use the left mouse button to select celestial bodies, and the right mouse button to discard the selection. The middle mouse button or the space bar can adjust the selected object to the center of the screen

4. Press J to slow down or even reverse the time, press L to increase the time speed, and press K to restore the time speed to normal

5. Press H when you need help

Stellarium app evaluation:

Stellarium Astronomical Chinese app is a very easy to use astronomical observation service software. You can easily view the pictures of stars, including many stars, on this software, just like you use the naked eye. The images displayed by Stellarium Astronomical Chinese app are also the same as those seen by binoculars or astronomical telescopes. At the same time, you can also zoom and adjust the time freely on the image to enjoy the vast outer space more intuitively and clearly. You are welcome to download and use it.


Stellarium Plus is one of the few mobile astronomy applications. It is also a high-quality application with a large and accurate database. Use it to observe the sky as a hobby or to learn and experience the changes of the universe. Which goal depends on everyone, and Stellarium Plus has successfully played the role of leading and providing information.

This update brings the following improvements:

- several bug fixes in the new Field of View Simulator
- fix compass calibration issue on some devices
- fix support for LX600 telescopes
- other bugs and translations fixes

We are happy to hear from you and get your feedback!
Stellarium Plus Star Map app apk download v1.9.8
Download Stellarium Plus Star Map app apk download v1.9.8 

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