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StayFree app download Android mobile version v11.0.4

StayFree app download Android mobile version v11.0.4
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StayFree app download Android mobile version v11.0.4

StayFree does an excellent job of reminding users when their smartphones are used. Split apps into chunks, count the time you spend on them and provide preset reminders. By listening to feedback, we’re back with the much-anticipated time-wasting support feature. Start setting reminders and resetting app usage on your device today!

picture manager

Schedule and track usage

StayFree develops an effective daytime time management system, StayFree is like a timetable to help you allocate your time correctly and avoid excessive use of your phone. From there, users have free time to do other worthwhile activities. The process will be recorded to compare your progress and self-discipline over time. In the form of statistical charts, the entire usage history is displayed.

Set Reminder

When you start wanting to control the amount of time you use your phone, there is a smartwatch that will be activated and the system will give you the power to choose how long you want to use the app during the day, and once the time is exceeded, a warning will be sent to the device to alert the user. Your application will then be placed on our restricted list.

professional mode

After the usage period expires, StayFree temporarily blocks the exceeded application, and attempts to access it cannot be made. At any time of the day, you’ll be more focused on your work when most distracting apps are limited. If you don’t want to receive noisy notifications from your device, go to and activate sleep mode to be able to schedule sleep for certain apps.

Motivation and inspiration

Are you bored with repetitive tasks or lack the motivation to continue developing yourself? Don’t worry; we’ve created an automated system that will send you an inspirational message every hour on your home screen to encourage you to try harder.

Friendly interface

In the interface, you can easily find five different themes and choose 1 out of 5 as your background to help you start your day more pleasant. Familiar features are organized and easy to find, and of course, anyone wants a good app for their device.


However, StayFree also highly respects the ability to protect and preserve personal information for users. Installation is now even more secure! All information provided on the device will be retained, and operations such as changing application usage time, schedule to prevent interruption, etc. must enter a password to continue.

Display function

A column or circular statistics table records frequently used applications and rarely used applications, and calculates the total time users spend in these applications. Control time more effectively and experience a better quiet space without distractions. Statistics are displayed by day, and month, and it is easier to compare everyone’s progress in improving phone addiction.

Start the download experience

StayFree is always available for users who want to receive reminders to focus more on work and school. It’s nice to experience a quiet space alone; perhaps, things would go more smoothly if they weren’t negatively impacted by the internet. We’re always happy to hear valuable feedback from our users, and we hope you’ll have it and get used to improved time management soon!

Join us on Discord to collaborate with the team, talk with other users, get support, post your suggestions, or just hang out: This release also allows you to easily manage categories from settings and export website usage through a CSV.
StayFree app download Android mobile version v11.0.4
Download StayFree app download Android mobile version v11.0.4 

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