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SpotiQ app apk download v12.4.0 (Premium Unlocked)

SpotiQ app apk download v12.4.0 (Premium Unlocked)
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SpotiQ app apk download v12.4.0

SpotiQ brings you a new and rebellious world of music with its unique equalizer. Users will have the opportunity to have a graphic equalizer with five different bands for you to choose from. Not only that, hundreds of presets are available for users to apply before opening the active audio player to give you the best experience.

SpotiQ app

Easy search

This application is a new and unique music equalizer in collaboration with Spotify; that’s why we link directly to that infinite music store, giving the user fantastic capabilities. Users can add to Spotify’s playlists while using SpotiQ. Now, there is nothing better than when you can quickly scroll through this application, be able to search and choose from a variety of new presets and enjoy it with flawless sound quality.


Bass EngineeringWhen it comes to SpotiQ, users cannot forget the Bass Enhancer system. This particular point has attracted millions of customers to choose us until the last moment. You can adjust, increase or decrease the depth to make the song more natural. Not only that, you can also enhance the subwoofer in addition to the subwoofer system dedicated to you.

Optimized interface

Whether you are a professional musician or just a music lover and connoisseur, you can control this application without any hassle. The reason is that the interface system takes care of every detail and is optimized for all users. Basically, it is divided into two parts, the lower part is used to control with command buttons; the upper part is the system that shows the rhythm changes. Not only that, we also support you car horizontal and vertical interface.

Apply automatic settings

In addition, you can adjust in-depth music-related parameters that users are supported by SpotiQ with pre-installed music sets. You can use tons of new sound presets for all your favorite and most listened songs. In addition, we can help you automatically detect which Spotify songs will be synced and apply presets based on the user’s individual needs.

Key Features

UI/UX for audio equalization application, simple and easy to use
Preset music app controls that are easy to use
Numerous new sound presets added for your favorite songs
Songs from Spotify are automatically recognized and preset.
Take advantage of the highest possible audio quality for your tunes
You can create endless regular and dynamic sound presets.
Take advantage of automatic Google Drive backups.

Is there an equalizer app that works with Spotify?

Spotify’s equalizer is only accessible on their iOS and Android app. If you’re using the desktop version (Windows/macOS), you can’t access this option and will have to tinker with your own eq software. Here’s how you can access the Spotify Equalizer settings for Android and iOS.

How do I use the equalizer on my Android?

Adjust bass and treble level
Make sure your mobile device or tablet is linked to the same account as your Chromecast, speaker, or display.
Open the Google Home app.
Touch and hold your device’s tile.
At the top right, tap Settings Audio. Equalizer.
Adjust Bass and Treble level.

Security and Stability Improvements.
SpotiQ app apk download v12.4.0 (Premium Unlocked)
Download SpotiQ app apk download v12.4.0 (Premium Unlocked) 

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