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Speechify text to speech tts mod apk download v1.35

Speechify text to speech tts mod apk download v1.35
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Speechify text to speech ttsmod apk download v1.35

Do you want to practice speaking and listening in a foreign language? Or do you need to check that important text is correct or misspelled? These two requirements seem unrelated, but it has been proved that they can be completed simultaneously through an application called Speedify MOD APK.


Use the camera to scan any text or use the built-in utility to scan images

Easy to use has become one of the advantages of speech. Users can directly use the app’s camera to scan data. You just need to point the lens at the text, and we will automatically translate them into audio formats within the notes. In addition, users can scan any PDF text or image from their personal gallery. It can be a page of a book or a paragraph of text in an email; It doesn’t matter to us.

Enjoy with natural sounds

The user’s work here has ended. Now you just need to sit down and sip a cup of tea or coffee on the sofa or anywhere. We bring you an awesome sound experience. AI will start to work, and read the most detailed content aloud to you with warm, understandable and inspiring voice. It is always rated as a very natural voice, just like a real assistant.

Can significantly reduce the time to absorb data

When you use Speedify to convert from text format to audio format, the most significant advantage is the reduced time. As we all know, reading is many times faster than listening. Therefore, if you choose this application, you will save about 2 to 3 times of time on average.

Speechify highlights:

Enjoy anytime, anywhere

More than that, with this application, you can listen to your favorite works or sometimes important information. No matter where you read paper books or texts, it is impossible. Specifically, when you cook, you exercise; Users just need to wear headphones, enjoy and think about the content provided to them. There is nothing better than doing many things at once, right?

Is a strong supporter of the blind

In addition, special voice measles is very useful, meaning other humanities. It is especially suitable for people with visual impairment. When they can’t see, nothing is better than having no one accompany you to read to you and hear the necessary information. This application is expected to become one of the soul mates of the visually impaired.

Archive incomplete reading pages

In addition, Speedify also provides a convenient function for users who are too busy. The function I want to mention is the ability to save scanned pages, so that you can listen to them again at a time other than now. This feature also applies to masterpieces you are listening to; When you visit again, we will take you to the place where you stopped.

Software features:

Immerse yourself in the world of audio scanned from text, whether PDF files or directly scanned images.

You can save the scanned page so that you can view it at any time in your spare time.

With the speed change function, the speed can be increased by 9x to save time.

The natural and understandable voice of many languages around the world attracts users.

This is especially useful for those unfortunate blind people; This is a well-known and indispensable friend.


The interface is simple, and the text reading function gives consideration to “depth and breadth”. There are too many situations requiring Speedify, especially updating news, reading, teaching, learning and work in a busy life. Download Speedify here to use.

"Referral system;"
"Snoop Dogg voice;"
"Cancellation Flow."

"Scan flow improvements;"
"Different UI and UX improvements."

Bug Fixes:
"Lots of bug and crash fixes."
Speechify text to speech tts mod apk download v1.35
Download Speechify text to speech tts mod apk download v1.35 

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