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Soundhound music discovery app apk download

Soundhound music discovery app apk download
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Soundhound music discovery app apk download

The sound hound app is a software that allows our users to easily find the songs on the streets and alleys that they hear, but do not know the title of the song. As long as you open the software and let the software obtain the corresponding audio information, you can easily find the song name and singer, which is an indispensable artifact for many music-loving users.

The sound hound listening and song recognition software can also play the songs you find online. If you like a certain melody, but you can’t find the corresponding song, or you want to know your favorite singer, soundhound can easily help you. Come to realize, the friends who like it come to download and experience it.

sound hound features:

  1. Identify the songs played by the radio station
  2. View lyrics that can scroll in real time with the music
  3. View photos and bios of artists and bands
  4. View album release date and band information
  5. Preview songs and album reviews
  6. Experience the hottest new music

Software features:

1. Search

  • Click the orange button to instantly identify songs and see live lyrics, and play videos, share, stream or buy
  • Sing or hum to the SoundHound to find the song when it’s stuck in your head
  • Your own search history (register to make sure your discoveries are never lost!)
  • Identify songs and lyrics playing on the radio station or around you through Apple Watch
  • SoundHound saves all search results for easy playback

2. Discovery

  • Check out LiveLyrics®, where lyrics scroll in sync with the music so you can sing along
  • See weekly recommendations for songs, videos, artists and albums
  • Music discovery map near you and even around the world
  • Check out “Artists with Birthdays Today” to see which artists have birthdays on that day every day
  • View artist photos and bios, album release dates and band information
  • Check out the hottest new music from global, emerging and popular charts

3. Play

  • Enjoy your favorite Spotify playlists in SoundHound and sing along to Lyrics®.
  • Interact with the lyrics to navigate the song – skip to the chorus section, skip forward, or click the lyrics to replay from the beginning.
  • Use your voice for playback control for a hands-free listening experience – play, stop, shuffle, pause, replay, and even turn up the volume

Software Highlights:

1. Throw the song: shake the phone to switch songs.

2. Local song scanning: Quickly obtain all identifiable music files in the SD card.

3. Automatically match the lyric cover: Provide a variety of playback modes, and automatically match the album cover and lyrics, and the lyrics are displayed in karaoke mode.

4. Search songs online: Through the “Search” function, you can easily find your favorite songs for trial listening.

5. Sleep mode: Turn on sleep mode, stop playing regularly or turn off the player.

6. Desktop plug-in: realize simple playback control and song display functions, and can quickly enter the player.

There were fundamental changes to how we connect with Spotify’s player, which meant we needed to do some under the hood work to get things working again. If you’re a Spotify premium user, enjoy playback within SoundHound once again!
Soundhound music discovery app apk download
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