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Sooka Mod APK App Download V22.11.06

Sooka Mod APK App Download V22.11.06
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Sooka Mod APK App Download V22.11.06

Souka Japanese Learning is a learning software for Japanese language, where users can learn Japanese better. The vocabulary here is very rich and comprehensive, whether you are a beginner or want to improve your Japanese ability, you can come to this software to experience, choose the suitable learning style for yourself and learn better, so that you can improve your Japanese language skills in all aspects.

Description of souka Japanese learning software

Card-based word memorization, pre-reading, review and dictation training

Word intonation, live deformation, pronunciation examples

Support offline learning

Anime, Japanese, learning community

Japanese sentence of the day, collection, recording

Software features

1. The application brings a very comprehensive vocabulary for users and also supports offline use. You can set goals according to your basic level and learn anytime and anywhere

2、It also provides you with various review and practice methods, dictation, fill-in-the-blank, and choice to help you consolidate what you have learned

3. You can also communicate and interact with other learners and share your experiences with each other. There are also many Japanese gods who can help you answer questions.

Software Highlights

1、The software will help people learn Japanese words in card form and will be constantly reinforced by preview, review and dictation exercises.

2、In addition to basic words, the software also provides word tones, variations, and pronunciation examples so that users can better understand the meaning of words through context.

3、Full of fun Japanese word test games, so that users can complete the test with pleasure.

4、People can also watch Japanese dramas, watch Japanese comics and read Japanese novels to deepen their understanding of Japanese and learn more about general Japanese.

Update log

1. Support punch card calendar

2. Support new users to skip registration and try it directly

3. Support more number of study settings

4. Optimize network configuration

Sooka Mod APK App Download V22.11.06
Download Sooka Mod APK App Download V22.11.06 
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