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Sonic Dash APP download v6.1.0 Unlocked

Sonic Dash APP download v6.1.0 Unlocked
  • Updated
  • Version 6.1.0
  • Requirements Android 5.1
  • Developer SEGA
  • Genre Arcade
  • Google Play
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Sonic Dash APP download v6.1.0 Unlocked

Use unique skills to climb over walls in the fastest possible way. Players take control of Sonic the Hedgehog and countless other Sonic characters in Sonic Dash – Endless Running. Use your amazing skills like a pro racer while overcoming various obstacles in the game. Also, you can collect more money and other items to speed up and change costumes. Run at top speed and bring home many victories.

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Racing games never stop

Control your favorite Sonic character to overcome obstacles in Sonic Dash – Endless Running. Run infinitely on tracks full of obstacles. Use your strength and great skills to take the lead in this game. There are countless exciting terrains waiting to be explored in this infinite racing game. Plus, use your skills to the fullest, discover your talents in the game, and overcome challenges at top speed.

Use great skills

Don’t be subjective in any game, even the easiest one in this game. Because just when you are a little careless, no matter how far you have traveled, you have to start all over again. Use your best skills to be able to dodge and overcome thousands of obstacles in the game with extreme difficulty. Jump over extremely high walls or obstacles. In times like these, speed up, use your best skills, and earn lots of bonus points.

A great race world

Every design created in this game always amazes the players with its gorgeous and beautiful design. In addition to the runners, you can also control vehicles collected along the way, greatly speeding up the race. Don’t worry about anything; just have an exciting time with many epic races. A fun and fun game that helps many players feel relaxed after a stressful working day, exploring different spaces in Sonic Dash – Endless Running.

Compete with friends

In addition to Sonic the Hedgehog, countless other Sonic characters have been involved in the game. You can customize your character to participate in different races for added fun. Joinable characters like Tails, Shadow and Knuckles have special looks and unique racing skills. Being with Sonic’s friends is a powerful force, and they all have different strengths. Please select the appropriate character before starting to participate in the competition.

There are no limits in this game; all you need to do is burst your power at breakneck speed. This never-ending contest is held every day and goes on forever, making it even more interesting by choosing the right contestants. When you win the game, you can have more different characters. That’s when opening opportunities for many other special costumes and characters will arrive.

Fight with a powerful team

Sonic Dash – Endless Running is more than just a solo race; players can participate in many different modes to take on other exciting challenges. In particular, you can play with friends against two opposing teams – Eggman and Zaz. Those are stubborn and unpleasant enemies from Sonic Lost World. So don’t hesitate and fight the enemy with all your might. Defeat the villains in different levels of the game.

Don’t hesitate to join all our games; a lot of fun is waiting for you in this endless game. You just have to show all your super skills to collect many valuable rewards. Lots of rewards are available such as money and items that can be used to level up your character. Use items to make your character run as fast as possible and sometimes resurrect from the dead.

Many unique terrariums

We won’t let you down in this endless race, you can do whatever you like on the track to win. Best of all, there are many different arenas you can explore and experience in Sonic Dash – Endless Running. Everything is wonderfully created and the space is very large. Run, jump, and even fly through the air as you’re exposed to a variety of exciting terrain.

When you win the race with a considerable distance or collect enough items or the required amount of money, you will have endless fun with the infinite track in this game. You can open many different interesting levels, corresponding to each independent challenge space.

Main features

Use your best skills to complete tons of different challenges.
Enjoy endless racing in diverse race spaces.
CHANGING CHARACTERS Join special Sonic characters.
Use unique skills to overcome thousands of difficult obstacles.
Challenge your teammates and face off against two rival teams from the same world.

Sonic Prime is here! New dimensions have opened, and Tails Nine and Rusty Rose join the roster! Worlds will shatter! Get ready for PRIME!
Sonic Dash APP download v6.1.0 Unlocked
Download Sonic Dash APP download v6.1.0 Unlocked 

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