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SODA Natural Beauty Camera app apk download v6.4.4

SODA Natural Beauty Camera app apk download v6.4.4
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SODA Natural Beauty Camera app apk download v6.4.4

SODA – Natural Beauty Camera, this camera is very famous at home and abroad, everyone can shoot the effect they want here, the software here is powerful, here you can retouch the picture, you can choose different filters, You can also choose different stickers, etc., and make a fashion blockbuster without paying. 289 brings you the latest soda camera national version in 2021, I hope you will like it.

Software introduction:

SODA – Natural Beauty Camera provides you with a very soft beauty experience. The beauty function of the camera is not blunt, and the software will automatically complete the automatic calibration according to your settings, giving you a more harmless beauty experience. The software has many functions, allowing you to experience richer content on your mobile phone. Welcome to download!

Software features:

Camera: Take pictures or videos.

Location: Record location information in the shooting results.

Audio: Record sound in the video.

Read External Storage: Import and edit photos from external storage.

Write External Storage: Save photos to external storage.

Software Highlights:

High-definition mode, support high-definition, give you a clear and noble texture

Stylish filters, many color filters dedicated to selfies

Flawless for a mesmerizing white tender poached egg skin

Naturally beautiful skin, just press the button for a second to transform into a beautiful little fresh

Software Description:

SODA – Natural Beauty Camera is a beauty camera application under the umbrella of snow, but the water pomelo camera is the name of the domestic version. The software has built-in filters and beauty effects, which are very practical and come with P-picture effects. , thin face, big eyes, change skin texture, very easy to use, girls who like it are welcome to download SODA, it is more concise and no ads!

Software Reviews:

SODA – Natural Beauty Camera is a creative, perfect and beautiful camera app for taking pictures! The girly-style filter, shooting characters and scenery is particularly small and fresh, and there are many special effects materials, free unlocking experience, no need to master any skills, you can take exquisite photos with just one shot! Recommend!

・ You can now edit videos. Feel free to use beauty tools, filters, and more on videos!

・ Check out popular keywords in "Discover" and find the styles you need faster.

・ Two lip colors have been added.
SODA Natural Beauty Camera app apk download v6.4.4
Download SODA Natural Beauty Camera app apk download v6.4.4 

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