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Sleep Faster app apk download v2.14.53 (paid for free)

Sleep Faster app apk download v2.14.53 (paid for free)
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Sleep Faster app apk download v2.14.53

Insomnia can easily leave you feeling tired the next day. Today, everyone is working together to find a solution to the problem of sleeping better every day. Sleep Faster Meditation Pro is an app experienced and appreciated by many for its effectiveness and benefits. Not only will you fall asleep more easily, but this app will also help you improve your focus through noise-based principles.

Sleep Faster

Noise – A Cause of Insomnia, and a Solution

We are surrounded by sound all the time. You may not have noticed, but we’ve never had a peaceful space. Loud noises are often distracting and annoying. If you are about to fall asleep, your ears will hear high-frequency sounds; you will not be able to sleep. But if you are in a space with the right noise frequency, your mood can be completely relaxed.

White Noise and Its Uses

Sleep Faster, Meditation Pro works by using white noise. White noise is noise about 10 decibels higher than normal noise. White noise includes natural sounds around us, such as falling rain, lapping waves, and more. Working in white noise space conditions can help eliminate background noise and improve concentration. After more than a week of use, users will notice results quickly; working faster and more efficiently than usual when working with white noise.

Sleep faster, sleep better

Another use of white noise in this application is to help users fall asleep more easily. Accompanied by the sounds of nature, you will experience what it is like to meditate in a natural environment. A good mood makes it easier to fall asleep. Therefore, insomnia, difficulty sleeping, or disturbed sleep can be improved. There are many soothing sounds to choose from in the collection of this application. Choose your favorite music, enjoy it and sleep better!

Benefits of White Noise

There is an experiment showing how concentration improves when you hear white noise in a reading room. While installing a device at each table that produced white noise, they compared how many times per hour they turned their head to the next seat or paid attention to their surroundings. In this case, about 22% fewer people were interested in the area when they heard white noise.

In another experiment, we observed changes in attention when we heard natural sounds around us. They play various sounds on a five-minute basis and observe their body movements as they learn by age group, including teens, 20s, and 30s. Blood experimenters in their teens and twenties prefer the sound of relatively broad sound waves, such as the sound of mineral water dripping and the sound of a shower as the concentration increases. Meanwhile, those in their 30s preferred white noise sounds, such as the sound of light rain or the sound of a brook, while improving their concentration at work.

On the other hand, if a newborn, less than three or four months old, cries, will the baby be able to relax if he records the heartbeat, breathing, and parental voices he may have heard during the viviparous birth? However, experiments have shown that babies become more anxious and cry when they are hugged by their mothers. At this time, when you squeak from an empty channel on the TV, the crying baby will quickly stop crying and find stability. Some parents said that when a crying baby hears the sound of a vacuum cleaner, they are at peace, and when they touch a soft plastic bag and make a rustling sound, their face lights up. The sound of soothing a newborn is also a kind of artificial white noise.

Main features

Overcome the anxiety of insomnia, and trouble sleeping, or staying asleep by listening to soothing music made of white noise.
White noise is about 10 decibels higher than normal noise, usually wind, rain, and other natural environmental sounds.
Diverse sounds, and themes to suit everyone’s preferences
Working in an environment with white noise helps eliminate other noises, allowing you to focus more on your work and bringing about high productivity
Choose soothing music before going to bed to make your mood more pleasant and comfortable, just like meditating in a natural space

2.14.64 Offline Mode (no opening ads) Support
2.14.40 Campfire movie & sound added
2.14.25 Beach movie & sound added
2.14.22 Terms of service added
2.14.18 Sleep hygiene added
1.2.5 The sound fades out and the screen dims when the timer is over.
1.2.3 Add 6 types of meditation music and timers
1.2.2 Free users can also listen to the endless loop sound.
1.2.2 Premium subscription added
1.2.1 Birds sound added.
1.1.2 Dryer sound added.
1.1.1 Streamflow sound added.
1.1.0 Rainfall sound added.
Sleep Faster app apk download v2.14.53 (paid for free)
Download Sleep Faster app apk download v2.14.53 (paid for free) 

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