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Sleep Cycle 4.22.45 app free download mobile release

Sleep Cycle 4.22.45 app free download mobile release
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Sleep Cycle 4.22.45 app free download mobile release

Sleep Cycle will allow each user to sleep better and help them wake up feeling refreshed by guiding and monitoring every change in their body during sleep. Many special built-in functions will also help analyze their sleep, suggesting countless effective ways to promote

The human sleep process is unique in many ways, such as helping the body recover or performing functions it cannot perform while awake. That’s why Sleep Cycle offers countless extremely effective methods for deep sleep, with plenty of customization and personalization for each individual. Of course, it also has plenty of features to monitor the safety or help people wake up healthy without any ill effects.

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What can Sleep Cycle do?

First, Sleep Cycle will track and summarize the current sleep cycle based on the accelerometer motion tracking on the phone. Sleep Cycle will calculate the sleep process according to the international scientific standard according to each person’s cycle. Finally, provide you with standardized, personalized advice.

This way you will know: when you should go to bed when you should get up, what problems you have with your sleep, and what you need to do to improve them. The graph shows information about your nightly sleep cycle according to the time points corresponding to each stage: Deep sleep (deep sleep), Sleep (normal sleep), and wake (temporary awakening). Below the graph are several lines of information such as sleep time, sleep quality, and time spent in bed…all included in this in-depth analysis.

Track your sleep schedule and behavior

Sleep Cycle will introduce the user’s sleep monitoring function, thus giving many accurate assessments, including their health and problems. Sleep experts are also using the app to help users analyze and diagnose any problems they may have with sleep. This feature can only be activated manually, so users can check their health at any time.

Fall asleep to great audio or stories

If the user suffers from frequent insomnia or cannot get a good night’s sleep, the app provides many effective ways through audio or stories. All of this content has been developed in detail with a focus on helping everyone relax and get a good night’s sleep. Comfortably customize features such as disabling the device when snoring is heard or after a limited time, helping save battery, and more.

Set an alarm clock with powerful effects

In addition to helping users fall asleep, Sleep Cycle can wake them up in many gentle and useful ways. It also provides a technique for people who regularly oversleep or unconsciously turn off their alarms, ensuring they always wake up in a positive mood. Extensive customization for different types of people, so it works well and has a wide range of applications.

Track your health anytime

The advantage of the app is that it can be connected to the smartwatch and its biometric system to track the user anytime and anywhere. Its function is to track changes in heart rate and other sleep-related activities, such as naps during free time. All the processes will be recorded by the app and provide users with many specific reports and effective ways to improve their health.

Consult an expert in real-time

Sleep Cycle will also help users connect with sleep specialists to discuss or explore their condition. The experts associated with this app are very knowledgeable and help the user to fall asleep fast with many exclusive methods. It will also be saved in a convenient format for users to effectively monitor their health or sleep.

Download Sleep Cycle MOD APK For Android

Sleep Cycle is easy to use, easy to operate, and highly efficient. Relax, sleep better and wake up refreshed with Sleep Cycle, a smart alarm clock. Getting a good night’s sleep and relaxing can do a lot for your health.

Bug fixes and performance improvements
Sleep Cycle 4.22.45 app free download mobile release
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