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SkySafari 6 Pro mod apk download v6.8

SkySafari 6 Pro mod apk download v6.8
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SkySafari 6 Pro mod apk download v6.8

SkySafari is a necessary app for stargazing and a mobile stargazing software. It provides rich knowledge about the stars, views the movement tracks of celestial bodies, and has a powerful night vision function. It provides users with more convenient stargazing services and makes mobile stargazing more convenient.

SkySafari Software introduction:

SkySafari is a powerful planetarium, which can be put in your pocket and put the universe at your fingertips. It is very convenient to use!

Just fix your equipment in the air to quickly locate planets, constellations, satellites and millions of stars and deep space objects. Learn why SkySafari is your perfect stargazing companion under the night sky through interactive information and rich graphics.

SkySafari Software features:

1. Learn about the history, mythology and science of heaven! Browse hundreds of object descriptions, astronomical photos and NASA spacecraft images. In addition, keep in touch with SkyWeek every day to get the latest information on all major sky events – don’t miss anything!

2. Watch 120000 stars; More than 200 star clusters, nebulae and galaxies; All major planets and moons; And dozens of asteroids, comets and satellites, including the International Space Station (ISS).

3. Watch the meteor shower animation, providing complete viewing information and spectacular graphics.

4. Ever wonder what the sky was like in 500 BC.? How about 2190? With SkySafari, you can simulate the night sky anywhere on the earth in the past or in the future for many years! Animate meteor showers, comet approaches, transits, rendezvous and other celestial events.

5. Night vision – protect your vision after dark.

6. Just looking for something in the sky? Take a look at the best close-up of tonight. It tells you the best view of what you can see tonight.

7. Rich graphics, unprecedented! Look at galaxies, constellations, etc. in amazing and vivid detail. In addition, the optional constellations will surprise you.

8. Orbit mode – leave the earth’s surface and fly in the solar system like NASA space probe (purchased in the application).

9. Lift your device into the air and SkySafari will discover stars, constellations, planets, etc! The star map will be updated automatically as you move in real time, so that you can get the ultimate experience of stargazing.

10. Find the sun, moon or Mars from our extensive database and track arrows pointing to their exact locations in the sky ahead. Watch the spectacular sights of Venus, Jupiter, Saturn and other planets!

SkySafari instructions:

It has the most powerful database, astronomical photos, 120000 stars, more than 200 star clusters, dozens of asteroids and satellites, and an planetarium in one pocket;

You can select the built-in map to view. Each object now has a description. The object list in the search menu now displays photos, rework time flow control, etc;

Whether you are a professional or just interested in astronomy, it is a good choice. I believe SkySafari will not disappoint you; - Improved Telescope communication security
UI Bug fix for Android 4 devices
SkySafari 6 Pro mod apk download v6.8
Download SkySafari 6 Pro mod apk download v6.8 

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