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Simply Guitar by JoyTunes app apk download v2.2

Simply Guitar by JoyTunes app apk download v2.2
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Simply Guitar by JoyTunes app apk download v2.2

Simply Guitar by JoyTunes is a guitar teaching software, in which users can find many functions that they are interested in, so that users can learn guitar skills conveniently here, which is very suitable for beginners to learn, including all kinds of fingering, grip and so on, so that users can learn easily by themselves. Users who need to use it quickly!

Simply Guitar by JoyTunesFunction:

physical exercise:Carefully allocate each small exercise, and no longer worry about learning and practice out of sync.

curriculum:The knowledge points of guitar learning are subdivided step by step, and the prelude, interlude and singing are mastered.

teacher:A team of professional teachers can help you find your own learning path.

Simply Guitar by JoyTunes Highlights:

Tuning guide: guide beginners to tune and learn tuning knowledge.

Multiple modes: There are multiple tuning modes. There is always one that suits you. Choose the one that suits you best.

Clear recognition: The sound of the guitar can be clearly recognized in a noisy environment.

Simply Guitar by JoyTunes Advantages:

·Get feedback on playing, quickly learn and improve your guitar skills.

·Put the device in front of you when playing; The app will instantly recognize the pop-up sound.

·Follow interesting songs to explore the charm of music, and play like a professional guitarist after completing the course.


One of the disadvantages of learning the guitar at home is not knowing whether you are playing it in the right way. Even if you are using the application and carefully observe the fingers in the mirror, you cannot tell. Understanding this concern, JoyTunes’ Simply Guitar has fully integrated a quite unique function into the application. By getting feedback from the application, users can know whether they are playing correctly or need further editing guidance.

The NEW way to learn guitar with guided video lessons & real-time feedback. No experience needed, Simply Guitar teaches you everything. Have fun & start playing now!
Simply Guitar by JoyTunes app apk download v2.2
Download Simply Guitar by JoyTunes app apk download v2.2 

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