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Simon app apk download v1.5

Simon app apk download v1.5
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Simon app apk download v1.5

Pop Time is a cute and friendly bubble shooter, and now it even includes Simon’s Cat to make it even more hilarious and fun. The player’s journey will pass through many places, each place has its own secrets, and will even bring you the discovery of cats. More than that, all the miracles will come randomly, making everything more exciting, making the kitten excited, and completing countless challenges.

Simon’s Cat

A beautiful and intoxicating journey

The player’s journey in Pop Time is endless, as they must traverse many lands and face many challenges in order to obtain the best rewards. The variety of lands is also a gameplay advantage, as each location has a surprise or feature that makes the experience richer for everyone. Of course, each level has a scoreboard, which indirectly stimulates everyone’s mood, so that everyone can strive for full marks and achieve better results than others.

A relaxing bubble shooter game with a fast pace

Gameplay Bubble Shooter also has a wealth of potential and entertainment for players to exploit and exploit at every level to score the highest points. Also, it has many lighthearted and humorous elements that always make every combination exciting and create a positive vibe that puts the mood in good spirits. Lots of mystical elements are also in play from time to time. Players have to act quickly to make everything work in their favor and score a lot of points in a limited time to get better ratings.

Fascinating game modes with endless creativity

The variety of game modes in Pop Time is also impressive and rich, giving players more options for entertainment than following the most basic rules. Game modes offer various rewards or sensations, according to each individual’s taste, including each individual’s progress in the overview. Many special game modes only appear on big occasions, and it is also a good opportunity for everyone to respond to more active and refreshing activities than usual.

Interact with cats and enjoy healthy and cute moments

Interacting with Simon’s cat is a useful way to heal the soul, as the cat is adorable and always creates a positive vibe around the player. Depending on how they are interacted with, the outcome will vary, as will the chances of receiving many small rewards through cat gestures or requests. The future will open up many new interactions and always bring more refreshing moments that make players more relaxed when traveling through many lands or levels.

Keep matching bubbles to build combos

The most common rule in Pop Time is match-3, where the player has to shoot the ball from the top position to break more things. If they succeed in scoring consecutively, a chain of combos will appear and their score will increase by bursting bubbles with unlimited creativity. Many other impressive things, such as special bubbles, will have the effect of spreading and exploding, which is suitable for players to destroy important points or score a lot of points if they succeed in combos.

Unlock new characters for fantastic background settings

As players continue to complete events, challenges, and levels at high speed, many new characters will be unlocked and gradually added to the journey. This brings the background to life and gives lots of new ideas for people to keep interacting with each other through the bubbles. Some characters will have additional effects to help the player perform better when popping bubbles, rather than using the classic method.

Pop Time is a bubble shooter game with relaxing and creative gameplay that lets everyone have a good time with puzzles and cute cats. More content will improve the quality of the game, and everyone will have more opportunities to experience the most impressive and innovative game modes.

Some features

Intoxicating and relaxing gameplay lets players spend quality time with cats as they travel through various lands, regions, and more.
A fun and engaging bubble shooter with an emphasis on match-3 elements with combos.
The thrilling game mode with the greatest creativity allows players to immerse themselves in unlimited entertainment with styles and rules different from ordinary game modes.
Interact with cats to get more unique animations and heal your soul with the cute effects of playing with beautiful cats.
Various characters make the background diverse and have more interesting interactions, making the whole game process more relaxed and happy.

Simon app apk download v1.5
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