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Sectograph app download Android mobile version

Sectograph app download Android mobile version
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Sectograph app download Android mobile version

Since you have Sectograph, you have no spare time to do useless things. The leading app that helps people manage and monitor their daily work. First, you need to enter the to-do items for the day, such as the class schedule or activity schedule, and the specific time. The interface displays your to-do list as a clock, which you can always see. The app will constantly remind you of the exact time and due date of the tasks.

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Create a plan with specific tasks

No matter who you are, still studying or working, taking control of your work and allowing yourself to be a busy person is essential. But can you remember to run out of time exactly before the deadline? Or let the time go to waste and your work gets nowhere? Don’t worry, let Sectograph help you by creating a schedule with specific tasks and times. The app will notify the appointment schedule and the time required to complete the work.

Excellent mission control

Sectograph is an assistant with an easy-to-use design and interfaces that anyone can use. The app keeps reminding you of your daily schedule and makes sure there are no mistakes in your preparations. With this app, you are like an all-in-one assistant to help you control your best work. Users only need to keep the application in working condition and everything can be thoroughly maintained.

It reminds you when work starts and ends

It can be said that this application is a multifunctional alarm or automatic manager with the utilities it brings. After you enter your daily schedule and the start and end times of your tasks, the app will remind you to take breaks. We guarantee you won’t be a second late for your appointment thanks to the app. You can know the exact time to end your boring school sessions and know when your next scheduled time is.

Improve daily performance

Do everything in the right order every day, from going to bed to more important events, should be done at a specific time. Setting the time of day on the Sectograph and following it will help you maintain good habits. No immediate changes are required; you just need to complete the tasks prompted by the app one by one. Over time, the habit of working on time sticks with you, helping you to be more productive.

Control travel time

Living in advanced age keeps you busy many times, which is why you need to keep your work in the right order to better improve your performance. Sometimes traveling to work in faraway places, air travel is essential. The app lets you know exactly when your plane will take off and land, which makes booking easier and ensures you are in control.

Maintain a regular activity schedule

In order to live and work healthily, you need to have a schedule of personal activities. Change yourself every day; being more organized at work will make you a perfect human being. Schedule a day for Sectograph and we’ll remind you often. A healthy lifestyle starts with changing the times you eat, sleep, and even exercise.


Create a plan with specific tasks and times and click the green tick after completing each task one by one.
An all-in-one technology assistant that helps you meet deadlines.
The application will notify the exact time when the job starts or finishes in the scheduler.
Living according to the given schedule, from breaks to big events, will help you to have a stable lifestyle.
Schedule daily activities, such as eating, resting, or exercising.

Hello! Thanks to everyone who did not lose hope to see the new release :).

New setting "Event editor and calendar".
Ability to create offline local calendars.
Improved appearance and layout of app settings.
Option “Hide rejected events”.
Improved support for foldable devices.
Now the events for the whole day change exactly at midnight.
Now the widget takes up all the space allotted for it without padding.
Sectograph app download Android mobile version
Download Sectograph app download Android mobile version 

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