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SD Maid MOD APP APK V5.5.6 For Android

SD Maid MOD APP APK V5.5.6 For Android
  • Updated
  • Version 5.5.6 Beta| 5.5.4 Final
  • Requirements Android 4.4
  • Developer darken
  • Genre Tools
  • Google Play
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SD Maid MOD APP APK V5.5.6 For Android

In this era, smartphones are often used, whether you are office, chatting with WeChat, or going to play games, which will accumulate all kinds of garbage, resulting in insufficient storage space for cell phones, so how to effectively clean up the garbage in the sd card? I recently used a very powerful cleaning tool: sd maid software, the software can clean up the sd card system logs, debug files, temporary files, and so on, so as to save your sd card space, the system will also run more stable.

The software scans your applications in order to delete useless files without losing important data and without deleting application settings, it also optimizes and compresses bloated databases to speed up access and free up space.
PS: In order to bring a very good experience to all users, I brought sdmaid professional version, tested by Huawei cell phones, this version has unlocked the use of all advanced features, this need friends may wish to download and experience it.

Software features

1、Browse your device files and manipulate them with the feature-rich file manager.
2、Remove redundant files.
3、Manage installed users and system applications.
4、Detect residual files of uninstalled applications.
5、Search for files by name, content, or date.
6、Get detailed information about your device storage.
7、Optimize the database.
8、Perform the actual application cleanup and delete consumable files, which will replace the so-called “clear cache”.
9, detect duplicate pictures, music, or files, independent of name or location.
10, automatically run the tool on a schedule or via widgets.

How to use sd maid Pro?

1、After downloading and installing sd maid Cleanup Pro on this site, run the software and enter the main interface of the software.

2, click on the bottom of the “scan”, need memory access, click “allow” can be.

3, waiting for the detection of memory junk files.

4, the detection is complete, you can directly click on the bottom of the “one-click scan and clean up”.

5、After the scan is complete, you can see that the phone’s uninstallation residue, system junk, application junk, and other junk have been cleaned up.

6、If you want to see the information overview, file manager, file search, application management, etc., you can also tap on the “☰” symbol in the upper left corner.

Software function

1、Residual Cleanup.
Residual files or directories are the residual files of uninstalled applications. SD Maid will scan your SD card and internal storage and compare it with your installed applications and internal database.
2、System Cleanup.
System Cleaner will scan for known file types as well as directories that can usually be safely deleted.
3. Application Cleanup.
Scans your applications to remove useless files without losing important data. This does not delete application settings.
4. Duplicate file cleanup.
Show only the exact same files, make sure of this by comparing the file checksum as well as the file size.
The file name and date of modification are irrelevant and SD Maid will make sure you leave a copy when you delete it.
5. Database
This operation will optimize the database by using the VACUUM command in the SQL command, which relies on releasing blank pages to improve database performance without losing any data.

Software Highlights

1、Explorer is a full-featured file manager for managing files in your Android device.
2、If you know what kind of files you are looking for, then you can use the file finder.
3、Redundant Finder helps you find files that are no longer needed on your device and compare them with the list of installed programs.
4、Application Controller allows you to easily freeze, reset or remove applications (also including system applications).
5、System Cleaner can scan your device and filter the directories that contain files that are no longer needed, you can even create your own filters!
6、You can optimize and compress bloated databases to speed up access and free up space.
7、View the files that take up the most space and find out which files are taking up a lot of storage space.
8、Find all the files that have been modified in the last X minutes.

Update Log

Version v5.3.17
– Improved: Translation.
– Improved: Cluttered database.
– Fixed: Status bar overlapping navigation title cards.
– Improved: ACS matches “ru” on OnePlus devices with Android 12.
– Improved: exclusions are now applied earlier in the scan process, which should make it easier for low-powered devices to exclude large folders from the scan
– Fixed: Unable to delete some items under `/data/data` that are rooted on Android 12.

• Small changes related to new Android requirements
• Updated translations
SD Maid MOD APP APK V5.5.6 For Android
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