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RUniversal TV remote control app download for Android

RUniversal TV remote control app download for Android
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RUniversal TV remote control app download for Android

This application will bring you many interesting experiences and convenient functions, making it easier to use. With modern technology 4.0, you can master countless exciting functions with just one smartphone.

RUniversal TV remote control app

The universal TV remote control app will provide all the necessary functions of the remote control device and upgrade many new things. If you are looking for a convenient device that can be used anywhere, anytime, this app is not to be missed.

Supports control on many different devices

In life, if you accidentally lose your TV remote control or lose power, don’t worry; the Remote control will be your savior. It replaces old equipment and is modeled as a real musical instrument, so you can easily control and take advantage of all the functions that the application must provide. In addition, the application will support the control of many different TV brands; With a simple operation, you can master all the usages and working principles to control and find your favorite programs.

Explore screen images

To improve the user experience, manufacturers have invested a lot of effort to bring convenience and quality to meet the needs of consumers. One of them is the screen mirroring function. It is defined as a technology that can transfer programs from mobile devices to the large screen of the TV, and can be enjoyed comfortably without having to look at the micro screen of mobile phones. Just connect wifi or mobile data to start using. All the information you need to view will be displayed completely, and you can switch between channels flexibly.

Remote control using intelligent infrared devices

Perhaps you have heard or are familiar with the concept of infrared or extender. It works under the multi-functional infrared transceiver, supporting and allowing you to easily control the remote control. The IR is located in peripheral devices connected to the TV, such as disc players, set-top boxes, projectors, and so on. Most families using smart TVs will install this device, and the universal TV remote control app will provide it for you for free, so you don’t need to spend more time installing and maintaining it. In addition, if you encounter any problems during use, please contact the manufacturer the first time to get the fastest support.

Access menus and customize your favorite channels

With a variety of control panels, you can customize the functions you want. The control menu interface is designed harmoniously, the command buttons are marked clearly, and the use is more convenient. In addition, you can arrange your favorite programs with different themes according to each language and type, and experience them in your own space. In addition, the application will help you filter programs by date and time, and track upcoming program schedules for your favorite channels.

General TV remote control app features:

Experience intelligent applications with a series of unique functions, and control TV functions through wifi or data access to get started

Support users to experience a variety of different devices. With a simple operation, you can immediately master how to use and control this application

Project the mobile phone screen onto the TV to find more interesting functions and enjoy the useful information brought by the channel

The remote control is easier than ever through the menu located in the application. You can use the

Adjust your favorite channel, follow the schedule of the program, and experience immediately, without losing you

RUniversal TV remote control app download for Android
Download RUniversal TV remote control app download for Android 

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