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Root Booster MOD APP APK V4.50.0 Download

Root Booster MOD APP APK V4.50.0 Download
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Root Booster MOD APP APK V4.50.0 Download

Root booster is a rooting system booster, because some phones are slow after rooting, use it to effectively improve the system, and it can also optimize the phone memory, from the root to speed up the phone.

Introduction of root booster latest version

For rooted users who need higher performance to run applications smoothly without lag, or for those who need to improve poor battery life There are many applications that can save battery power or improve performance.

Root Booster features

CPU (processor regulator control)

A regulator is a driver that regulates the frequency of the CPU. The regulator determines how fast and how long it takes to reach the maximum or minimum CPU frequency. Setting the right governor can make your device more power efficient, faster, and even more stable. However, deciding which governor is appropriate is a bit tricky.

root booster can determine which governor you should use and automatically apply the most appropriate governor for the selected mode.

Hibernation (Android OS optimizer)

Each android application can have one or more services. They run in the background and usually perform some kind of task. Many people think that when they kill the app, it will completely stop consuming their battery and computing power, but this is not the case. The application still has services that are still running after the kill and still consume battery and computing power. On the other hand, if you hibernate the application, it will stop its services and the application will no longer consume battery and CPU computing power. Hibernation is a gentle but effective way to save battery power and improve performance.

It finds battery-depleted and performance-critical applications and automatically hibernates them.

ram (memory manager)

Every application uses the VM heap to store data and work. The main reason for changing the VM heap size is stability improvement. Many large applications require a large amount of memory (VM heap) to work. If the VM heap size is less than the requested memory, it can cause the application to crash (out-of-memory error). Setting the heap size is a difficult task and there is no manual setting to get better performance. The only way to get better performance is through testing.

It will test your ram and set your VM heap size for better stability and performance.

New version for non-root users

Cache Cleaner

Every application creates unnecessary files that

take up space on your sd card or internal storage. One-click deletion of cache files to free up space can help you reclaim

storage and optimize and speed up your android system.


Clean up empty folders, and gallery thumbnails and uninstalled application junk to speed up

speed up your device and free up storage space.


Hibernate disables and freezes apps running in the background to extend battery life

and purify your device.

No Ads

Root Accelerator contains ads. You can be interrupted at any time during use. And this is very disturbing. But please don’t worry. In the Pro mode version, all ads are removed. You can use this application in a completely ad-free environment – download Root Booster Pro MOD APK to get these advanced features.


With this article, we have provided you with a substantial guide. If you want to get access to numerous game lineups, this version will carve it for you. We have covered a variety of elements in this guide. This will help you get an in-depth look at all the items available for this platform.

Root Booster MOD APP APK V4.50.0 Download
Download Root Booster MOD APP APK V4.50.0 Download 

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