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Ringtone maker music cutter app apk download v1.01

Ringtone maker music cutter app apk download v1.01
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Ringtone maker music cutter app apk download v1.01

Ringtone maker music cutter app is a professional mobile phone audio editing tool. The software has a lot of easy-to-use music editing functions, such as music clipping, audio merging, video to audio, fade in and fade out, etc. These are very good music editing functions, bringing you a different use experience and music listening experience.

Ringtone maker function:

1. Video import: supports the import of videos, and automatically extracts audio as ringing tones through the import of mobile phone albums;

2. Music editing: support music editing, merging, mixing and other advanced functions, and play ringtones and music easily

3. Recording import: ringtonemaker can record what you want to listen to with one click and set it as a ringing tone

4. It supports the import of audio, and its own DIY exclusive ring tone, which is easy to be different from others!

5. Favorite ringtones support one click sharing to WeChat, qq and friends circle. Hurry to bring your good friends to dazzle!

Ringtone maker highlights:

1. Fast ring tone setting: no need to link to the computer, the mobile phone quickly changes the ring tone, 100% of the settings are successful, and you don’t need to worry about whose mobile phone rings!

2. Full range: a large number of mobile phone ringtones, providing search hot word lists, the hottest songs, the latest songs, Europe, America, Japan and South Korea, movies, animation and cartoons.

3. Making ringtones: support changing text into ringtones, input funny text, select a voice dubber, create funny ringtones with one button, and record audio as ringtones.

4. Music clipping: import the songs you want to make. There are local music libraries and online music libraries for you to choose from. Edit and make your own ringtones according to your needs.

5. Music synthesis: ringtonemaker can also import multiple songs and splice them into a ring tone in order.

6. Music format conversion: import music files, select the audio format to output, and convert to the audio file you want.


The quick operations and intuitive features displayed on the application’s home screen are very simple. Trust me, it will bring a variety of usability products. With Ringtone Maker and other dedicated ring tone production applications, anyone can create their own unique ring tones.

Ringtone maker music cutter app apk download v1.01
Download Ringtone maker music cutter app apk download v1.01 

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