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Riddle Kingdom app download v8 Unlocked All Modes

Riddle Kingdom app download v8 Unlocked All Modes
  • Updated
  • Version 8.0.27
  • Requirements Android 4.4
  • Developer Metajoy
  • Genre Puzzle
  • Google Play
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Riddle Kingdom app download v8 Unlocked All Modes

The puzzle kingdom app allows you to conquer many different forms of puzzles and find more exciting things. Players will find many different ways of playing to create unique victories in the game.

Riddle Kingdom app

Do you like puzzles that are interesting in many ways? If so, the puzzle kingdom app will launch a series of puzzles to challenge you to create a unique impression. This is a special puzzle game. Players always want you to have a series of supports to answer questions. You always have the opportunity to receive an invitation from a friend to create a wonderful round together. You also need to exceed the expected number of games and put your name on the winning group stage.

Unlock huge challenges

The puzzle kingdom app will always bring exciting things to help you find useful and surprising things, but you will also become the person who conquers major challenges. Players will always be the ones looking for new ways to play because the game hopes you can play your creativity. However, you will also find the ultimate challenge, and gradually you will find the most exciting decoding method.

First, you will be unlocked and immediately select a challenge. There are many mysteries hidden in each box. However, it is better to find the uniqueness of each box and always be the one selected. Maybe there are some works that you need to complete in a specific fixed time. Or maybe there are valuable gifts to help you overcome your next challenge.

Choose the person you want to challenge

Challenges will bring you surprises. You will always see those surprises in the next round. The puzzle kingdom app allows you to use big tips, so you will also get answers to your questions as soon as possible. More specifically, there are more suggestions in each gift, which is also the priority given to you by the game. Players can also choose their friends to give attractive challenges.

Friends are always competitive, and so are you, so you need to make up your mind. First, the game will give you a square with dots of different colors. You need to connect them in different ways. Don’t let these seams touch each other to win. What you need to pay more attention to is setting a timetable to create huge victories and appropriate adjustments.

Create interesting rounds

After playing with friends, you will continue to the next task, connecting pieces of the same color. These pieces are confusing and do not follow a specific pattern. However, you need to shuffle and link them. In addition, it will help if you also find the key parts of the puzzle, which is the key to helping you overcome the challenges easily as soon as possible.

The score is the main factor that determines whether you can continue or stop. You need to do your best. At the same time, you also need to create exciting rounds with your friends, because thanks to them, you can see the attraction of the game. You also need to use other support features and make an impression in the archive. You can also continue to conquer more extensive and unique challenges in this puzzle kingdom app. Be a person who is keen on connecting and integrating artistic elements.

Through the round provided by the puzzle kingdom app, players will indeed have their unique impression. Players need to show all their abilities and logic to win the grand prize. In addition, if you always create all the conditions to conquer complex challenges, it will be the best. From there, you will have a new way to play. The game also always gives you new updates so you can see the unique features that the game must provide.

The puzzle kingdom app features:

Players will be able to conquer different game styles and different goals to create exciting features.

The use of unique colors and interesting color effects have created a new game for players.

Connect the puzzle pieces to fill in the blanks, and create an impressive picture to meet the requirements set.

Always challenge yourself by choosing a more difficult game style and take the time to practice your innate logic.

Face-to-face with friends, create a unique impression with big rivals, and compete fiercely with these friends for scores.


The collection of the best and most addictive logical puzzles, with minimalist graphics and unique level design! Classic riddles are integrated into a “puzzle kingdom app”, which integrates the best riddles.

Bug fixes and performance improvements.
Thank you for playing Puzzledom!
Riddle Kingdom app download v8 Unlocked All Modes
Download Riddle Kingdom app download v8 Unlocked All Modes 

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