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Retrica the original filter app download v7.4

Retrica the original filter app download v7.4
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Retrica the original filter app download v7.4

The Retrieve the original filter app is a popular beauty filter camera for women. In addition to providing users with basic photo and video shooting functions, it also provides photo splicing and continuous shooting functions, and gif shooting functions to meet users’ shooting needs in a variety of scenes.

In addition, there are more than 190 kinds of filters for users to unlock. The filters have various styles, which can meet the needs of users whether fashionable or retro so that users can easily create the desired photos or video effects without additional P map operations.

In addition, it provides a 2:1 retro aspect ratio, zoom blur, timestamp, and other shooting effects. After being used with retro filters, it can help users easily make retro photos.

Retrieve the original filter app function:

1. Easy, simple, and interesting

The Retrieve the original filter app has an enhanced user interface that makes taking photos and videos easy, simple and fun. Retrica also provides a variety of aspect ratios, zoom blur effects, and time stamps to facilitate the creation of original and realistic images.

2. Beautiful camera filter, suitable for any occasion.

More than 190 filters can be loaded in real time before shooting, and the desired photos and videos can be taken without additional editing. The exclusive filter is only used by all senior members.

3. Many different styles

Need to make the color more eye-catching? Want to wash out the beach look? How about the light leak effect of the old camera? Vintage or fashion? Retrica can meet any requirement. Double-click to adjust so that each style is just right.

4. Border Foreground Settings

The Retrieve the original filter app perfectly realizes the “inspiration” of shooting through the “viewfinder” and “horizon”. The View Finder can share photos taken with Retrica and share unforgettable moments. Insight provides interesting and easy-to-understand tutorials on color, light, and photos, which can guide the practical operation of Retrica.

Retrieve the original filter app tutorial

1. Download and open the Retrieve camera. If the subscription service interface pops up, use the return operation to return to the camera shooting interface

2. The basic toolbar of the camera at the bottom, including camera photo scale, timestamp, timing, grid, etc

3. On the top of the toolbar are camera shooting types, from left to right, including collage, camera, gif, and video recording

4. At the top is the function key of the camera. On the left is the photo album, in the middle is the shooting button, and on the right is the beauty filter setting option.

common problem:

Is Retrica social media?

Retrica is an application similar to Instagram, mainly focusing on self portrait, but it is similar to Instagram in many aspects, and suitable for ordinary (i.e. rear camera) photos.

Is Retrica free?

Retrica’s cool retro filters make photos taken with your Android phone look like snapshots from your home album. It includes 18 high-quality image filters that apply black-and-white, retro and fade effects directly to your images when you capture them. Retrica provides advertising and image watermarking for free.


In short, it is a super fast and easy-to-use application. Beautiful photos have many different styles to choose from. You do not need to make any other edits. Let’s try to Retrieve the original filter app. I guarantee it will satisfy you.

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Retrica the original filter app download v7.4
Download Retrica the original filter app download v7.4 

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