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Randonautica App APK Download 2.15.1

Randonautica App APK Download 2.15.1
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Randonautica App APK Download 2.15.1

randonautica is an AR social interaction software that can encourage you to go out and find new friends by using this app to interact with your friends at any time.

About randonautica for Android

The purpose of this software is to make everyone willing to get out of the fun, find more new friends, breathe the fresh air of the outdoors, and get in good health.

Features of randonautica for Android

Provides coordinates of a completely random location within a radius you set.

You can choose whether to start an adventure to this coordinate or not.

The randonautica community has said that it provides great fun as you travel around the world

Breaking through the so-called “probability tunnel” can be a rewarding experience.

Want to get started? Here are some of the features of this app

Highlights of randonautica for Android

Provides realistic GPS maps and is based on the players’ own coordinates.

Simple graphics style, everything will be very clear for you to see oh.

The designers have carefully created various systems that will never feel boring.

All of the gameplay content will be based on the real world.

You never know what you’ll encounter, and the very relaxed gameplay gives you more pleasure.

Notes for randonautica Android

-Keep your adventures in daylight: The idea of going into new places can be exciting, but try to keep it daylight. It’s safer and will prevent you from getting lost in the dark

-If you’re not sure, go with a group of friends: Randonautica doesn’t have to be a solo adventure. If you usually go out with friends, you should do the same here

-If it looks dangerous, it probably is: If you have to go through what looks like a dangerous place to get to your destination, don’t risk it. Safety is more important than curiosity.

-Don’t trespass: Using Randonatica is not an excuse to break into a destination -Don’t do it

-Remember Lockdown and social isolation: Lockdown and social isolation advice is changing rapidly, but always keep it in mind when you’re out and about to make sure you’re not endangering yourself or anyone else

* City, Region, and Country in point info
* Open Location Code ("PlusCode") in point info
* What Three Words in point info
* Improvements and Bugfixes
Randonautica App APK Download 2.15.1
Download Randonautica App APK Download 2.15.1 

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