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Quran Majeed app download v6.2.2 (Premium Unlocked)

Quran Majeed app download v6.2.2 (Premium Unlocked)
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Quran Majeed app download v6.2.2

Quran Majeed is an application that helps users to have a wonderful religious experience. If you have a lot of faith and belief in Islam, this would be a perfect app to support you in your basic prayer tasks. Coming to this app, users will be able to perform exceptionally fast prayers anytime and anywhere with their devices.

Quran Majeed

Reread the famous scripture reader

Any Muslim would like to have a scripture reader who recites scriptures in a good and easy-to-understand voice. Even for those who are new to prayer or have been praying for a long time, having a good reader will always be a great advantage. And with this application, will provide you with the voices of famous reciters from all over the world, such as Sheikh Abdul Basit, Sheikh As-Sudais and As-Shleim, Mishaari Rashid, Saad Al-Gandi, and others.

Being able to search the scriptures easily

If you are a beginner in prayer, memorizing long verses may seem impossible. So how does a beginner find verses in a very long text? The application gives users the ability to search for scripture verses by simply memorizing a word to best solve this problem.

Many different languages have been translated

Users must be wondering that with this application they can get the scriptures in their language. And the makers of the application have worked very hard to support their users with four translations in English – the most common language in the world. In addition, users will easily use the app’s translations in 45 different world languages.

Prayer Time Clock

To have the most effective prayer sessions, prayer time will also be a factor that you cannot ignore. And with this application, you will get a global prayer time (Salah/Namaz) clock with an Athan alarm option. Also included are different methods of prayer timing that you will apply to your prayer sessions.

Sound options for long-term recitation

In addition to saying the prayers, reciting the scriptures will be very important. That’s why the app also researches and brings different audio methods for users to optimize their memorization of the scriptures. Modes like Repeat Aria, Sura, Number of Repetitions, Interval Time, and Recitation Speed will be key to helping you best remember the scriptures.

Various thematic patterns to choose from

Finally, to be able to bring out the best in your prayer application, interface features will be an essential feature. This is because a good visual and interface experience will help your users get excited about prayer. Therefore, the app also adds many different theme modes for you to choose from, such as green, classic green, night mode, blue, light, and brown.

Key Features

A prayer app that has the most beautiful and inspiring sounds in the world recorded live.
Many different languages, up to 45 languages, have been translated and are available immediately.
Various types of sound options increase the memory of the scriptures to the highest degree.
Different modes, themes, and colors will be selected to increase the level of inspiration in prayer.
An exceptionally quick search of scriptures through filtering and search functions, even for just one word.

Thank you for using Quran Majeed app. Please give 5 star ratings review if you like the app. This helps us a lot. Jazak Allah Khair.
◉ Indopak font update
◉ new settings screen
◉ Fix issue slow speed audio
◉ Reading mode fixes
Quran Majeed app download v6.2.2 (Premium Unlocked)
Download Quran Majeed app download v6.2.2 (Premium Unlocked) 

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