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Puffin Web Browser app download v9.7 Premium Unlocked

Puffin Web Browser app download v9.7 Premium Unlocked
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Puffin Web Browser app download v9.7 Premium Unlocked

Puffin Web Browser is a paid upgrade of the Puffin browser. Security is the name of this browser. The simple and clear design and easy-to-view parrot image layout are the characteristic symbols of the browser so that users can enjoy close viewing. The browser was launched by CloudMosa in 2010. CloudMosa is a publisher that reviews the way users surf the Internet by presenting the server.

Puffin Web Browser

User security features

Puffin Web Browser is a cloud-based Puffin web browser, which enables us to fully protect ourselves from malicious software and other malicious content. Since nothing is loaded on our devices, they are not at risk of infecting our devices.

Puffin Web Browser has a disadvantage that users worry about. Puffin’s privacy policy is self-contradictory; This is because the publisher said that the browser will not follow us when browsing the web online. But the publisher’s privacy policy is the opposite because all the different records of our Internet activities are reserved for reporting. This indicates that the authorities may review the websites we have visited.

Puffin Web Browser Performance

Puffin Web Browser can also help us save important data. Puffin will compress the site and remove unnecessary content, overloading users. We can choose this compression function when connecting to the mobile network.

Puffin’s data-saving function will reduce the image scale. When we want the full image quality of the data saving mode, we can customize it by clicking the “Fine-tune Image” button in the general menu.

Easy to use on mobile devices

Puffin Web Browser is a mobile browser that is easy to use on smart mobile devices. Puffin has an extremely friendly user interface and is supplemented by a back button, an address bar, a menu bar, and common menus, which are arranged in the same way as the screen from left to right.

In Puffin’s general menu, we can find our reference for data saving. Allows us to access browser settings, bookmarks, downloads, and history. There is also a very convenient speed dial tool and a news reader, which are easy to use.

Puffin Web Browser also gives us the option to choose between light or dark themes. Please remember that we are using the available time to avoid eye fatigue caused by long exposure to blue light and to avoid harming the health of users.

Multi-platform use

Puffin Web Browser is a browser published on many platforms of ios, Android, Windows, and other operating systems. Each operating system will have its performance and different experiences.

In a word, if we are users who give priority to security and privacy, the auk browser is an excellent choice, because the publisher’s innovative design can protect us from hackers’ snooping and malicious content. My favorite feature of this browser is the built-in advertisement-blocking function of the Puffin browser. We don’t need to install a third application, which is convenient.

Thanks for using Puffin. In this release (, we fixed several reported issues.
Puffin Web Browser app download v9.7 Premium Unlocked
Download Puffin Web Browser app download v9.7 Premium Unlocked 

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