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Psychopath Test Mod Apk v3.5 Download

Psychopath Test Mod Apk v3.5 Download
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Psychopath Test Mod Apk v3.4 Download

Psychopath Test Mod APK – Take some psychological quizzes and you’ll learn everything about yourself!

Psychopath Test function:

  • ADHD Symptom Test
  • Depression Symptom Test
  • Attachment Style Test
  • Child-rearing style test
  • Anxiety Symptom Test
  • Eating Disorder Test
  • Occupational testing
  • Personality test
  • Autism test: family and friends
  • Narcissistic Symptom Test
  • Do I need a treatment test?
  • Relational test
  • Autism Symptom Test
  • OCD Symptom Test
  • Domestic Violence Screening Test
  • Pressure test
  • Bipolar Disorder Test
  • Psychiatric Testing
  • Emotional Type Test
  • Marginal personality test
  • PTSD Symptom Test
  • Loneliness test
  • Childhood ADHD Test
  • Schizophrenia test

Psychological tests. It will be an application that allows users to better understand themselves through scientifically designed questions. If you want to know and often ask questions about yourself but do not receive specific answers, this will be a perfect application. By adding this application to your application collection, you will be able to understand yourself in many different ways by asking specific questions. According to scientific research, when a person faces a certain situation, he will give different answers, which will be the basis for us to evaluate ourselves. The application manufacturer has compiled scientific questions based on research so that users can evaluate themselves through the questions.

These questions are carefully divided into different categories to help our users understand themselves in many different aspects. In the current version, developers have integrated more than 80 different tests. After you execute them, they will bring specific results. Built-in questions are also divided into personality, relationship, life, career, sex, thought, family, and other topics for you to explore. At the same time, the questions created are also wonderful, allowing users to imagine and find answers in specific situations.

After executing the tests created in the application, users will be able to obtain their psychoanalysis and scientific personal character. At the same time, users will also be able to find their strengths and weaknesses, to constantly revise and develop themselves. In addition, the application has designed a test history review for users so that they can understand and compare their past and present selves. To spread personality tests and personal psychology to more users around the world, the application is also equipped with support for multiple languages. The application also allows its users to switch between two flexible shading modes to match the ambient light.

※ Warning: The Psychopath Test contains terrible jumping panic. If you hate the terrible atmosphere and jumping fear, please do not conduct the Psychopath Test.

- Horror narcissist test added
- Horror psychopath test bug fixed
- Ads bug fixed
Psychopath Test Mod Apk v3.5 Download
Download Psychopath Test Mod Apk v3.5 Download 

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